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Chris Martens

Freelance Game Programmer & Linux Programmer

Location:Garner, North Carolina, United States
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Chris Martens

* Lead role in large development efforts from design through launch.
* Current mobile development and deployment history.
* SDK creation.
* Client game engines.
* Game design and development.
* Cross platform deployment of applications.
* OS development.

Platform experience:
Desktop: MS-Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Java applets/applications, embedded touch screen kiosks, BSD.
Mobile: J2ME, Brew, RIM, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. Deployment on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Alltel, and international carriers.
Object oriented languages: C++, Java, Objective C.
Hardware languages: Intel Pentium/x86/MMX/3DNow, ARM, Java bytecode, Motorola, Xilinx FPGA, Scenix, Pic.
Other: OpenGL, VRML, Perl, bash, makefiles, Qt, POV, MS Project, git, SVN, CVS, XML, JSON, proprietary formats.


March 2007-Present:
Senior Client Software Architect, Tech Lead
AFK Interactive, Cary, NC.
Previously Senior Software Engineer, Development Director
AFK Interactive develops MMO mobile companion apps targeted at complete handset coverage. Formed from Oasys Mobile, the company has a long history of mobile game and content deployment applications. It has been my work to develop a cross platform wireframe that allows our applications to deploy on all handsets for all major US carriers, as well as most international handsets.

Through R&D under my direction we have developed a mobile engine that allows us to design sophisticated applications for high-end smartphones including iPhone, Android, RIM, and tablets, while still supporting base functionality in low-end feature Brew and J2ME handsets. The core of our proprietary platform is a lightweight, modular, but full-featured mobile client that runs an application encoded as binary xml. A powerful graphical design tool is used to easily develop screens and module functionality, which automatically render correctly based on the screen size and DPI of the client device. This allows us to develop our applications one time across all mobile platforms, greatly automating handset porting.

Oct. 1998 – March 2007:
Manager – Video Software Game Development
Merit Industries, Philadelphia, PA.
Previously Senior Software Engineer
Merit Industries is a pioneer in engineering and manufacturing coin operated amusement products. It was my team’s responsibility to design system software and program new video games. Over my employment at Merit I developed 15 games, designed/implemented the game engine, and mentored new engineers. The games were coded in C++ and Intel assembly, some being ported to Java. They display text in 25+ user-selectable languages, and most games are link-able using Ethernet or can run in on-line tournaments. I was part of the critical path of a dozen other games, some OpenGL based. In addition to game and engine development I coordinated the software builds, made software install iso images and downloadable updates, and maintained our Linux distribution.

During my employment at Merit I became integrally involved in the products and gained much embedded, management, design, and deployment knowledge. The games released at that time ran on a graphic engine, action/event handler, and game programming API that I designed and implemented. The core engine was cross platform and can run on MS-DOS, Java, and Linux variant OS's. We maintained our own Linux distribution for our embedded games. I was one of the key players designing and deploying the product and was often called upon to solve problems in critical situations during creation of new products. During my employment at Merit we shut out all major competition in the US and came to dominate our market. The total coin drop into Merit Megatouch machines exceeded one billion dollars a year in the period I was the Video Software Manager in 2004.

1994 – 1998:
Software consultant and graphic artist
Berlin, Germany
During this time I lived in Berlin, Germany and sought work as a consultant and graphic artist. Projects included:

* (97-98) Developed a 3D height field based game marketed by a division of Polygram records, "Formaldehyde Records". I worked as the only programmer on this project, which was based on a 3D graphic and physics engine that I had privately written a year earlier. This highly optimized software rendering engine was written entirely in assembly and included Z-buffering / draw ordering mix, 3D polygon texture mapping, optimized height field primitive object, compressed animated sprites which included a depth map and alpha channel, font engine, VRML parser, object/world creation tools, 3D character tree structures, and a 3D audio mixer. I produced some graphic content using POV-ray, and wrote integrated 3D object creation tools in C++ that could create and manipulate the complex 3D structures the engine used.
* (’97) Developed a physics engine to model soft-body objects. This program was used by the computer graphic business “Plastic Reality” to develop original ray-tracing animations for music videos.
* (’96) Programmed a cross-platform screen saver in C++ for Lucky Strike cigarettes.
* (’96) Did the graphic design for several records and a LP picture disc.
* (’95) Designed web pages and applets using Java and HTML for various small businesses.
* (’94) Contracted as a problem-solving software engineer to a cutting plotter business, "Plot-Tec", writing several proprietary programs to solve various mathematical problems dealing with Bezier curves.
* (’94) Produced a computer animated video for the graphic design company “Liquid Morph”.

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