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Danny Burns

Freelance Artist & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Queensland, Australia
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Danny Burns, a well-known illustrator and fine art painter was born in Rockhampton Queensland in 1948. He spent most of his childhood in Sydney. It was during this time period that he discovered the world of art. He attended Sydney Technical and learnt the skills necessary to launch his career in the commercial and fine art fields including neon, textile and illustration
To further develop his artwork, Danny left Australia to work overseas. Working as an art director and illustrator, his work soon became known throughout Canada. His work was displayed on billboards, commercial literature and in provincial publications including the Alberta Report and the Journal TV Guide.
In addition to the commercial work, Danny also embraced the fine art scene by creating watercolours, oils, acrylics and pen and ink drawings As his popularity soared, his art shows began to sell out within an hour of opening. His work could be seen at art galleries such as Marion Scott in Vancouver, Giuseppe Designs, St Albert Museum and the Stony’ Plain Multicultural Centre in Alberta. Public and private collections include the City of St Albert, Canadian Utilities, Edmonton Aviation Society, Stony Plain Multicultural Centre and Alberta School Board.
Since returning to the Gold Coast in Australia, Danny’s images have been used by companies such as Jason Placemats, Finishing Design and the Good Earth Company. Danny is currently creating designs for both commercial uses and for pleasure. And now you can take advantage of his talents and use them for your needs!
Danny specialises in painting with acrylics, oils and watercolours and is fluid in his application of a wide range of painting styles. He is internationally known for his fine paintings, illustrations and designs. His artwork has been inspired by artists such as Bob Peak, Brad Holland and the Group of Seven.
Danny draws upon his experiences in creating artwork that captures the mood and spirit of his subjects. His wonderful use of colour and lines are truly inspirational
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Children's Book Illustration