Mark Lester

Freelance Comic Artist & Cartoonist

Location:Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
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I sold my first professional piece at twelve. A cartoon I sold to a car modeling magazine for six dollars. From there the work, while never exceptionally plentiful, never really stopped either.

I opened an art studio in the late nineties along side my brothers Ken and Rich. Together we worked on just about everything that has anything to do with art and / or the web. Our site, named after our studio, has been online for more than a decade. My first web strip, “The Paperboy” made it’s debut around 1993, making it one of the first web strips created.

My art work and writing has appeared professionally in various newspapers, books, magazines and comics around the world over the past few decades including, but not limited to; Ripp Off Press, Calibre Press, Big Bang Comics, Day One Comics, After Dark, Liquid Magazine, Manga Quake, Dime Store Press, as well as work published through my own company, Five Star Comics. In addition to print, my work as appeared on dozens of different web sites as artist, writer and / or designer. I’ve done cartooning, comic strips and comic books, book illustrations, designed merchandise as well as story boarding, advertising and programming.

The single project I am most well known for is “The Lost Book” and a character named Morgan Stone. A well named book if ever there was one. I enjoyed a minor bit of success with a second web strip I did called, “Altered Ego”. A strip about a struggling, slightly arrogant artist. Not wholly un-autobiographical.
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