Nicole Bolus

Freelance Speech Writer & Presentation Assistant

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: 0826252882
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Established in 1994 by Nicole Bolus an English graduate, Speechwriters Anonymous offers a speech/ shadow writing service.
Today, 16 years down the line, Speechwriters, remains the ‘best kept secret’ that few are willing to divulge.

As our name suggests, the identity of our clients is protected. The intention being that they are fully credited and venerated for the speech delivered, with our contribution remaining undisclosed.

Speeches are written across a broad spectrum of industries with sensitive attention to detail and meticulous research methodology.

Speechwriters Anonymous applies equally uncompromising principles when undertaking the writing of speeches for exclusive private family gatherings such as weddings and the like.

Who do we write for?
Because of our confidentially agreements, we can't say but our clients include captains of industry, politicians and senior executives who often refer their subordinates.

Our method develops previously green presenters into effective, refined, polished, authentic and convincing public speakers.

Speechwriters Anonymous produces a highly respectable, well supported and polished end result: A valuable resource when time may be limited and one just can’t do the thing the justice that it deserves.