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Demand Perfection

Freelance Proofreader & Editor

Location:Austin, Texas, United States
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Seeking to escape Corporate America. Excellent detail oriented editing skills - spelling, grammer, flow. I write more easily than I speak, and more quickly. I can write about anything you'd like to hear about - or, I can proofread whatever you need me to. Format Word, Excel, Power Point, etc. - documents to make them all nice and pretty. Professional or frivolous- whichever you prefer.

Very flexible and just want to make some extra cash to cover the dry spells that are unfortunately part of life as a contractor.

Tell me what to write about and I will write it. Skills range from technical specifications to catchy one liners; professional, version-controlled documentation to sword and sorcery short stories. Also can do proofreading and editing - as light as spelling and punctuation correction or as thorough as complete rewrites in alternate styles. Have no problem with deadlines, professional communications, or frequent status updates - I am seeking simply to avoid the politics. Let me sit silent in the background and make sure every "i" has a dot and every "T" has a cross. The tedium and repetition that frustrate and bore the aspiring professional who wishes to be in the thick of the corporate venue and reap those vast rewards are just my thing - for a small percentage of said rewards. Highly intelligent, detail oriented, self-motivated, honest, dedicated, loyal - these are all words that describe who I am. The only reward I seek is to know I have done the best job possible - as well as paying the bills. Ten years experience in Corporate America as Project Manager and Business Analyst, primarily in software development departments, with lots of required documentation done on a daily basis. College education split between Computer Networking with a specialization in Systems Administration and Business Managment with a specialization in Accounting - overall GPA 3.95. (One little annoying "B" in Speech - which lucky for you, has little to do with writing! :)

People say I'm picky, they say I'm a perfectionist, but if anyone who knows me wants to be sure their documents are exactly right - they always come looking for me. I hope you will too.
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