Katja Ogrin

Freelance Photo Editor & Event Photographer

Location:Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.katjaogrinphotography.com
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I am an enthusiastic, vibrant and experienced photographer based in Birmingham. I have a broad photographic knowledge at all levels, I have explored and gained techniques, skills and experience in all areas of photography. Travelling and taking photographs around Great Britain, Europe and United States, developing my skills and learning new techniques on a day-to-day basis. I have established my portfolio and I am always continuing to develop my portfolio with new ideas/concepts and projects, I have developed and creating my own photographic website, which consists of all areas of my photography knowledge and shows the skills I have gained and developed. I have gained experience working in documentary photography and street photography where my work has been published in various printed and online magazines.
I am also highly competent with Adobe Photoshop CS and Lightroom; I can work with a variety of background graphic designs, I am confident and competent in organising and displaying photographs. I maintain my passion for photography by my own projects and entering competitions, also visiting exhibitions and visiting blogs and twitter sides on photographers and artists to stay involved and up to date in the art world.
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Photo Editing
Event Photography