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Galen Barnes

Freelance Programmer & Software Designer

Location:Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Phone: 719-629-9178
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Currently CEO of, a company dedicated to solving your software needs through high end consulting at a simple price. My resume(below) and my company speak for themselves.

C++ 15 years
PHP 7 years
C# 3 years
Java 1 Year
HTML 7 years
XML 4 Years
JavaScript 3 years
MySQL 4 years

2010 - 2011 CVS Inc.
Title: Lead Programmer
Lead software developer for an internal website that allows the company to track code violations for vacant properties. In charge of a small team of developers who designed the system using PHP, JS, AJAX, and the Zend Framework.

2009 - 2010 NuVisions LLC. - Contractor

In charge of upgrading previous versions of the software to support new functionality. Redesign included conversion of a proprietary database to XML and a series of functionality changes all done in C++.

2007 - 2009 Hewlett Packard

Part of a software development team in charge of creating a Customer Self Install application(SSEVA) for the LE Storage platform. The front end of the project was built in C# so every screen could be changed quickly and easily. The back end involved developing a series of small XML based applications that detected system configuration, monitored install progress, and communicated with Command View, iSCSI, and VDS to allow the end user to self-install their own storage systems and provision storage on their local machines. Development was done in C++ & C#, and relied heavily on XML.

2005 - 2007 Kincaid Technologies Inc.

Part of a software development company that provids a variety of custom software solutions for companies needing credit card, gift card, and university card processing. Developed code in Borland C++ Builder to make our CC processing software Level III (business card) compliant. Designed a C# middleware solution that allowed our proprietary backend software to talk to another company’s web based University card processing software. Developed custom software for the Verifone 3740 & 3750 terminals. Designed custom web reporting solutions in C# and DotNetNuke.

2002 - 2005 NuVisions LLC. - Contractor

Lead programmer in charge of product development for this start-up business. Gathered design requirements, cooirdinated with other developers and selected platform and coding standards as well as interface and software design, debugging and testing. Windows software design in Visual C++, internet design in HTML/mySql/PHP4.0

2004 - 2005 Eupec RMS

Debuged and repair custom Device Monitoring software to monitor underground pipelines from a remote location. Repair and improvements to the GUI as well as the underlying database. All work was done in Visual C++

2004 Energy Billing Systems - Contractor

Brought on to rebuild software that was designed by a third party programmer that had left the project. The project involved recreating software designed in Delphi by locating the missing components and recreating the original build process and documenting it so other programmers could recreate the build. Also fixed a series of minor bugs.

2003 - 2004 Merrick Inc. - Contractor

Brought on to do the web page design for a contract with Los Alamos National Laboratory. The contract entailed PHP and JavaScript programming to create a series of web pages to replace an excel spreadsheet being used by multiple departments. The web paged connected to Oracle and Access databases using PHP4.31 and manipulated user data entry via JavaScript. Have since provided a variety of solutions for their data access and ArcIMS needs.

3/2004 - 5/2004 Acartus Inc. - Contractor

I was contracted to do a series of changes to their existing MaxRetriever product to make it ready for a new release. These included changes to the existing code written in Borland C++ 5.02 and a new User creation/validation piece using an XML database written in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 with the validation piece having to be multi-platform compatible so it would compile under Borland and Microsoft compilers.

2001 - 2002 IABP Systems Inc. - Contractor

In charge of Design, Coding, Testing, and Documentation of new software in Visual C++ for this small company. I gathered requirements based on existing software for a complete re-design with improved functionality and a new database. I was involved in all phases of design and development.

2000 - 2001 Navidec Inc. - JAVA Programmer

Trained in Java programming, and HTML. Lead programmer for the team that added the Digital camera to the Pentax web site. Worked on the IADMA (Internet Auto Dealers Merchants Association) web site. Built Database conversion tools for Triad. Lead on the conversion of Pentax from Sybase to Oracle.

1999 - 2000 Charles Schwab - Contractor

Brought in to provide support Schwablink 2.0; Charles Schwab's product designed to help Investment Managers manage their client's stock portfolios. After completing this version the contract was extended so that I could provide code for the 2.1 and 2.2 versions of the software. Duties included Debugging, New code design, Testing, Installation, and some QA work. The product was written with Borland's C++ Builder and manages a relational Paradox database.
Software used included Install Shield, Vantive, Clear Case, and DevSoft's Internet Commerce Kit. Completed upgrades and improvements to Schwablink one month ahead of schedule. Named "Player of the Week" for my completing a difficult coding change ahead of schedule. Part of a team that received company wide recognition for our work aiding in the retirement of GEIS and moving Schwablink to the Web.

1997 - 1999 Norwest Direct ? Contractor

Wrote database conversion tools converting SAS, Cheetah, and fixed file date into a relational database. I designed and built the initial conversion tools in a combination of Data Junction and C++. The next phase of the conversion was done entirely in C++ due to the insuitability of Data Junction to the task. Provided help defining programming standards and debugging existing Java code. Completed database conversion tools 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Completed the Cheetah database conversion on time despite having less than 4 weeks to
designing all tools and utilities necessary for the job.

1995 - 1999 PHAZX Systems Inc. - Contractor

In charge of Design, Coding, Testing, Debugging, Maintenance, Implementation,
Documentation, and occasional customer support for this start-up company. This was a true lifecycle project and I did everything. The company is a New Age company that built an advanced Bio-Feedback unit that allows practitioners to test the human body for reactions to a wide variety of substances and environmental. A secondary program provides more in-depth testing to narrow down the patient's symptoms and help determine which Homeopathic medicines to use. I designed all of the software, wrote all the testing algorithms, Print routines
and even the data collection and storage routines. I also designed the routines to communicate with their custom over a Serial Communications port. The whole project was written in C++ using Borland's OWL. Worked to develop a set of programming standards to meet FDA guidelines. Implemented local data encryption to protect proprietary information. Created Installation software including custom animation for Phazx systems products.

1993 - 1995 Point of View Computing

I joined this struggling software company in 1993 to help them design a piece of educational software for a company that was trying to turn their printed materials into computer software. After a couple months the relationship between the two companies broke down. Next we worked on an adult concentration game which I designed. While I was there I provided product design, coding, testing and debugging in C and C++ as well as some basic HTML work. During the course of the Fantasy Match project I lead a team of 3 other programmers in developing Windows, Dos, and Macintosh versions of the software.
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