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Jaclyn Luke

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator & Animal Illustrator

Location:Fresno, California, United States
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Although a Michigan native, I am now stuck in California. Fresno to be specific, how I ended up here is a long story I will not bore you with. But, I attended Fresno State and earned my degree in art, emphasis in crafts and design, but my heart truly beats for illustrating. I got a lucky break through a local writer and am now newly published! Exciting I know, and my hopes are it will open up many more doors for me professionally.
Illustrating may be my passion, but I am capable of a few other techniques. I am educated in ceramics, glass blowing, photography, figure drawing, painting, and very little computer. I find I have a short fuse with technology, when my hand can produce what my mind is thinking better than a mouse. I love projects that make me think creatively outside my box. I have the ability to put all my time and effort into my work until I feel I have a finished product, regarless of how many sleepless crammed in hours I may have to put in, I always make a deadline! Hey, we are all guilty of procrastination!
Look out for my books Lulu and Lila- The Smooth Red Stone, Piddypat Puffenader's Predicament, and Paddlefoot Pumpernickel's Pumpkin!
And if you have some work to be done send it my way!!