Tashi Khan

Freelance Artist & Painter

Location:Romford/Hornchurch, Essex, United Kingdom
Phone: 07772026953
Website: http://www.tashikhan.com
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Tashi Khan, Artist/ Interior designer

I was born into a family where art and culture were of exuberant importance and had been for generations. I imbibed an early appreciation of the arts from our immediate environment from as far back as I can remember. My parents encouraged me to paint. I have not looked back since.

In time people around me began to recognise my special gift. At first the recognition was locally confined to school and college fetes, functions and exhibitions. I studied fine arts at university. During the course of one of the college exhibitions my entire work was sold out, much to the annoyance of my art teacher, who did not think I was very talented. He was very critical of my work in a way that was not constructive and would not do any corrections, but thanks to the external examiner, I passed with distinction.

I have experimented in other fields such as fashion designing, campaigns for fashion shows, writing and designing for fashion magazines. Alternatively I had been working for international expositions, exhibitions and conferences in India which I continued to do when I came to the UK. I also ran my own advertising agency in India.

The turning point in my life was when I got married and I arrived in the UK. At first I was perplexed with all the work and responsibilities, as I had to adapt to the British lifestyle which I was not used to (coming from a family background where servants used to do everything).

Nevertheless I continued my art work between my hectic schedules, until I had a big break painting life size figures for a stylish restaurant, which when finished was covered by the press. I was also interviewed by one of the Asian TV Channels.

I decorated my house in a way that reflected me as a person and the unique and unusual décor caught people’s eye and merited another newspaper article and had a student from Cambridge University include the outside of my house (because of its rare design) in his project.

I have produced all sorts of art work for people whilst doing commissioned based work but during this time my own creative flare was not being indulged as I was catering to other people’s requests. I was eager to fulfil my aspirations so I then decided to venture out to do an individual show.

I did participate in a show in Olympia, London where I was commissioned to do art work for individuals; I finished an assignment while working for an upcoming exhibition.

Unfortunately I fractured my ankle a few years ago whilst travelling to work, this incident slowed down my targets but I continued to paint portraits, caricatures, and murals for homes, until I was ready and confident enough to do another exhibition.

I organised a successful and vibrant show of my work in Waterloo Art gallery, London. I have displayed my work in various theatres and art fairs in Teddington, London for 2 years in succession.

I’ve had displays in (Blu Bar in Hoxton Square, and Bar 2012 in Brick Lane. I currently have a continuous display in Bario North bar, Islington. I have exhibited my work in Brick Lane art gallery, London.

I have also done a group show in Eaton Gallery, Sloane Square. I have participated in exhibitions, road shows in Olympia London; I took part in a group show in 3 Brondesbury, Covent Garden.

My art was curated for Contemporary Masters of 2010, and was asked to display my work In Las Vegas (Nevada museum of Fine Arts) where my work was on display from June 2010 till mid-2011.

(18th century grade 2 listed building which is an art gallery). Also I have been asked to prepare my portfolio, and to enter the D.B awards for the National Portrait Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London.

My art was curated for Contemporary Masters of 2010, and was asked to display my work In Las Vegas (Nevada museum of Fine Arts) where my work was on display from June 2010 till mid-2011.

I also have an on-going display since March 2009 (which was meant to be a group display just for 2 months) but the owner loved my work so much that he kept requesting me to bring more and more and finally his bar filled with my art in 45- Barrio North Bar, Islington.

I like to think that my art work portrays my personality and flare for life. With the vivacious colours and abstract lines my art expresses passion with a contemporary edge. Up to date and incorporated with culture and curiosity. The wondering eye is drawn to the vivid yet distinct shapes and insignia created by the paintbrush.

I live art in a way that many people may not comprehend. It has always been and always will be a part my lifestyle and a vision that will never falter. My paintings portray the sub-conscious of my mind. They bring to life an unspoken reality. ..
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