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Freelance Mainframe Programmer & Software Tester

Location:Bloomington, Illinois, United States
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To pursue a challenging career and to explore my talent and update knowledge in the Mainframe field and to develop a valuable human relationships and thereby becoming an asset to our organization and society

Professional Experience

Worked with Affiliated Computer Services (ACS, A Xerox Company) from Dec 2009 till March 2011 and supported for 4 clients.(Sun Life, American General, Arrow Point, Genworth)

I have been worked with IBM Integrated Technology Delivery – Global Delivery from June 2006 till Dec 2009 for the clients General Electrical (USA), Equifax (UK)

Summary of Work Experience

Has 5 years of experience in Mainframe System Programmer as a Storage Administrator.

Hands On experience in DFSMS Tools (HSM, RMM, DFP, DSS), SMS Constructs, CA-1, Catalog Management, FDR/ABR, ACS Routines, VSAM, DBS.

Good Understanding of ATL, VTS, DS8000 series,TS7700 concepts

Knowledge on Basic REXX coding

Handled multiple accounts with 24/7 On call Support

Worked on more than 10 manual DR Process and Test activities

Worked on CDS Reorgs, Movement of Catalog entries to different catalogs.

Good Knowledge in Storage Management Tools like RSVP and RMM Reporting tools

Project Details:
Primary role is to maximize storage resources on mainframe. Provide space management, Availability Management and Monitor DASD & Tape resources. Create and maintain storage policies and capabilities to perform Backup & Restore of data components. Maintain Catalog integrity, customize storage software and provide data migration services. The other responsibilities include storage consulting and recommendations. However, support can vary considerably from customer to customer.

Manage daily DR backup jobs through Flash copy technique and FDR/ABR Flash copy.

Media Management - Responsible for initialization of disks, allocation of disks to storage groups, reclaiming volumes/space from decommissioned application and DASD/TAPE Error Management.
? ICKDSF - Initing/Adding Volumes & Altering VTOC sizes
? Addition/Deletion of tapes
? Tape Status correction – RMM
? Maintenance of RMM/CA-1 jobs.

Availability Management - Maintain the successful backup in order to recover users' lost or damaged data onsite and also in Disaster Recovery site. -Backup datasets from DASD to tape, -Backup changed datasets on DASD to other Disk or Tape
? Backup/Restore/Movement/Copy activities of datasets using DSS, HSM

Space Management - To ensure the effective utilization of DASD Space and to provide enough free space for data creation and expansion.

Backup and Restore - Creation and maintenance of storage policies and capabilities to perform Backup & Restore of data components.
? DR Job’s maintenance (includes managing of Daily Flash copy DR Backup jobs and Restore jobs)

Capacity Planning - Monitoring the current utilization and forecasting storage needs in relation to Tape and Disk. Generating space utilization reports based on Account's requirement.
? Monitoring DASD Pools, Helathchecks, HSM CDS Reorgs, HSM Audits

Catalog Integrity - Creation, maintenance and recoverability of Catalogs.
? Catalog Changes- Addition, Deletion, Backup/recovery, Alias Definition, Movement, Reorgs, Merging

Policy Management - Creation of System Managed Storage Rules and Automated Class Selection routines based on customer’s requirement in order to manage their data.
? SMS Environment Alterations & ACS Routine Changes, Managing SMS Constructs.

Projects Worked On

? Worked on 10 Successful DR recovery process

? Worked on Project lift activities

? Applied maintenance for the product Catalog Solution

? Merging of Catalogs.

? LPAR Lift - Erasure - Used ICKDSF to INIT VALIDATE volumes.

? Designed ACS routines from scratch for the Test Lpar.

? Defined new Share ATL and built new SMS Constructs for DR Copy Process.

? Defining scratch tapes in a range as per requirement in TS7700.
? Performed DR prep work, documentation and recovery.
? HSM recalls during DR event.
? Upgrade existing versions of IBM storage related software on z/OS.
? Performed various Reorg’s on HSM (BCDS,MCDS,OCDS)
? Performed all type of reports collection (HSM, RMM, DASD Utilization etc.)

Academic Qualification

Holding a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology with 80% distinction(Anna University - Chennai)

Passport Details:

Currently on L2 Dependent and holding EAD. Visa expires in 2013


I Saranya.P, here by assure that the above furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge.

Place: Bloomington, IL
Signature: Saranya Palanisamy