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Location:Chester, Virginia, United States
Phone: 253-380-1690
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Author of "Shake the World: A Field Manual for Radical Obedience" and "Gorble and the New Kid", among others. Currently working on two screenplays, one a children's feature, the second an action adventure. Broad range of genres and formats.


Marriage Counselor, Puyallup Foursquare Church, Puyallup, WA, 2010 – 2011
Served as co-counselor with my wife for troubled marriages within the church.

Boy’s Youth Pastor, Fountain in the Valley Church, Algona-Pacific WA, 2001 - 2007
Founded JSOC (Jesus’ Special Operation Cell) for boys aged 12 – 19, weekly meeting format.


Logistics Manager, Fort Lewis Directorate of Logistics, Fort Lewis, WA, Nov 2008 – June 2009
Size of Organization: 6,300
Number of Employees Supervised: 0
Description of Duties: Served as the Contracting and Logistics Clearinghouse for installation and deployed military personnel for multifunctional logistics across the entire theater of operations. Left when daily pain from disability prohibited further employment.

Supply and Services Officer, Ft. Lewis, WA, Nov 2001 – May 2003
Size of Organization: 3,400
Number of Employees Supervised: 13
Description of Duties: Officer in charge of the Supply and Services section of the 593rd Corps Support Group. Provides direct supervision of three officers (managers) and ten non-commissioned officers with specialties covering the full spectrum of logistics. Serves as the subject matter expert in the areas of fuel and water logistics, automated supply management, supply chain management, hazardous materials, and financial logistics.
Key Skills: Exceptional briefer; produces logistics estimates, forecasts, and contingency planning for wartime and peacetime operations. Extensive operational experience.

Deputy Support Operations Officer, Ft. Lewis, WA, Jan 00 – Nov 2001
Size of Organization: 13,400
Number of Employees Supervised: 23
Description of Duties: Served as the clearinghouse for all logistics in support of I Corps and Fort Lewis. I managed and provided oversight of the Transportation, Maintenance, Contracting, Automation, and Supply and Services sections of a logistics support group. I led 8 officers and 15 senior non-commissioned officers.
Key Skills/Achievements: Most recently, created the support package for Operation Enduring Freedom, including the creation of two new logistics units, now part of the permanent force structure.

Brigade Logistics Officer, Camp Casey, Korea, Dec 1999 – Dec 2000
Size of Organization: 4,100
Number of Employees Supervised: 19
Description of Duties: I served as the senior logistician for an armored/mechanized brigade in a combat environment. I created and executed the $14 million annual budget, managed the maintenance, demolition, and new construction for 931 buildings and facilities, and managed all movements for 800 tactical and civilian vehicles. I directed the supply chain for all logistics to include the life support, fuel, repair parts, medical care, weapons systems, and all force contingencies. My subordinates were an internal staff of 14, and 3 battalion logistics sections. My responsibilities included planning, producing estimates and analysis, and supervising all logistics for the real-world and training deployments of the brigade.
Key Skills/Achievements: Unit Movement Officer, Budget Officer, and Ammunition Holding Area Manager

Battalion Operations Officer, Ft. Lee, VA, Feb 1998 – April 1999
Size of Organization: 830
Number of Employees Supervised: 9
Description of Duties: As operations and intelligence officer for a logistics training battalion, I managed the combat and logistics training of 800 students. I set and enforced training standards, produced annual training plans, and executed classroom and field training missions. Further, I was responsible for the security clearances for the battalion, and intelligence estimates for the Central-African theater of operations. I acted as the battalion executive officer in his absence.
Key Skills/Achievements: Battalion Safety Officer

Company Executive Officer, Ft. Lee, VA, Jun 1997 - Jan 1998
Size of Organization: 219
Number of Employees Supervised: 8
Description of Duties: Administration and Logistics Officer for a logistics company. I supervised and planned all training events and meetings, and served as the trainer for more than 45 ROTC (college) Officer Candidates. Further, I provided direct supervision of the supply office and administrative office, and indirect supervision of eight personnel.
Key Skills/Achievements: Acted as company commander for five months during this period.

Platoon Leader, Ft. Lee, VA, Sep 1996 – Jun 1997
Size of Organization: 234
Number of Employees Supervised: 43
Description of Duties: Platoon Leader for a Forces Command Petroleum Supply Company. I was responsible for 3 Tactical Petroleum Terminals, 91 tactical vehicles, and 2 fuel facilities, with a combined value of $320 million. Supervised all fuel missions; receiving, storing, testing (QA/QC), and issuing 115 million gallons of fuel without incident or injury.
Key Skills/Achievements: Wrote the RED Plan (Spill response Plan) for Fort Lee, and twice served as project manager for Joint Exercise Roving Sands, the largest Air Defense Exercise in the world.

Military Police, Vicenza, Italy, April 1993- May 1995
Size of Organization: 165
Number of Employees Supervised: 9
Description of Duties: Squad leader for a 10-soldier Military Police Squad. I executed tactical missions in Macedonia and Rwanda, and countless training missions in urban and field environments. When not deployed, served as patrol supervisor for the law enforcement mission police officers are best known for. I served for 8 years as an MP, reserve and active time combined, with combat, anti-terrorist, law enforcement, and Customs Officer Assignments.
Key Skills/Achievements: IST (Insurgency Suppression Team) for Desert Shield/Desert Storm; Senior Military Customs Inspector.

Senior Counselor, HELP Homes Project, NY, NY, Jan 1992 – Feb 1993
Size of Organization: 43 employees/ 150 families
Number of Employees Supervised: 11
Description of Duties: Senior Counselor of an interdisciplinary staff of social workers, employment counselors, healthcare professionals, and city agency liaison officers. HELP Homes was a pilot program under Mayor Mario Cuomo of New York City, which took 150 qualifying families and provided them a fresh start. As Senior Counselor, carried a small caseload myself, supervised the caseloads of my team, served as an advocate for the differential therapeutics offered in the region, and worked issues as they arose.
Key Skills/Achievements: Extensive interaction with the justice system, HUD, the SBA, and the social agencies of NYC.

Counselor (NYC Department of Probation) – Family Court, Brooklyn, NY, July 1991 – Dec 1992
Size of Organization: 2,300
Number of Employees Supervised: 0
Description of Duties: Entry-level position requiring a bachelors and graduation from an 8-week academy focusing on the penal code, crisis intervention, and all facets of dealing with the probation system. Worked in Manhattan family Court as an Intake Officer; provided cursory counseling for about 80% of my caseload, and a PSI (Pre-sentence Investigation) to the presiding judge. 20% of the caseload was in a PINS (Person in Need of Supervision) status, and these received more protracted intervention, and additional reports to court for any violations of their probation.



• BA Counseling Psychology, Stonybrook University, NY
• Army Logistics Management College, Ft. Lee, VA
o Logistics Officer Basic Course (Honor Graduate)
o Combined Logistics Captain’s Career Course
• Masters Logistics Management, Army Logistics Management College, Fort Lee, VA
• Support Operations Course, Ft. Lewis, WA (Honor Graduate)
• Combined Operations Service Staff School, Ft. Leavenworth, KS
• Master Arts Christian Ministry (Counseling), Faith Evangelical Seminary, Tacoma, WA
• Masters of Divinity, Faith Evangelical Seminary, Tacoma, WA (coursework completed May 2011), pending final grade.
• Combat Veteran: Operation Fuentos Caminos (Honduras, 1987)/Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm (IST Team – duration of conflict)/Operation Support Hope (Rwanda, 1990).


• Combat Lifesaver Course, Ft. Lee, VA
• Battalion Safety Officer Course, Ft. Lee, VA
• Hazardous Material Management and Communication Course, Ft. Lee, VA
• Military Police Academy, Ft. McClellan, AL
• Petroleum and Water Officer’s Course, Ft. Lee, VA (Honor Graduate)
• Insurgency Suppression Team, Darmstadt, Germany
o Terror Response Course, Ft. Hood, TX
o Marine Corps IST Course, U.S.S. Saratoga
o ATFP LEVEL 2 (Anti-terrorism Force Protection)

• Battalion Maintenance Officer Course, Ft. Knox, KY
• Officer Candidate School, Ft. Benning, GA (Distinguished Military Graduate)
• U.S. Army Airborne School, Ft. Benning, GA
• Senior Military Customs Inspector Course, Worms, Germany
• Budget Officer’s Course, Camp Red Cloud, Korea
• Licensed Realtor, WA
• Licensed for Life, Health and Disability Insurance, WA
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