Andrew Katz

Freelance Video Editor & Audio Editor

Location:Wilton, Connecticut, United States
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Andrew Katz - Writer, Director, Producer, and Cinematographer

My most recent work - The Science Teacher:


I have produced, written, and directed four short films, music videos, commercials, and stop motion projects.

• Short Films:

o “Scooter” – A silent film following the hype and build up of a scooter race that will forever change the main characters adolescent life.
o “No More Baby Sitters” – Two friends are left alone one night for the first time and their eventual anxiety about causes their young imaginations to run wild.
o “Chess” – A music video where a man’s morality is torn between “good” and “bad” and the man turns a chess game between the two sides is to settle the dispute.
o “The Science Teacher” – A work in progress, this comedy is about a science teacher who despises two students so feverishly that she takes them hostage and is able to get away with help from an unexpected ally, the assistant principal.

• Collaborated with my Dad (who is a producer and writer) on a 30 second TV spot for Norelco starring major league baseball players Nick Swisher and Jonathan Papelbon.
Worked on the script and edit.

• In addition to my own films, I helped on a film of my friend’s who has directed a number of award-winning films.
o Served as a grip and boom pole operator.
o “Consequential Lies,” has already been nominated for the National Film Festival for Talented Youth and has won awards at competitions such as Westport Youth Film Festival and Litchfield Hills Film Festival.

Other Related Experiences

• Three-time guest/performer on The Rose O’Donnell show.
• Co-host on XM kids radio show, “That’s Right, That’s Wrong.”
• Guest on Oxygen Network game show, “Can You Tell?”
• Assistant Producer on weekly sports radio show, WNLK Norwalk.
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