Theresa Nolin

Freelance Article Writer & Creative Writer

Location:Stuart, Florida, United States
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My objective is to obtain a free-lance writing position where I can professionally represent various businesses by providing original content writings according to their needs and requirements. Demonstration of my resourceful abilities, competency and proficient writing skills will enhance and complement any business. I have flexibility to present materials, on any subject, in many different formats including humorous, casual, business, procedural, tongue-and-cheek, fiction or non-fiction and always professional. With a sincere, true and honest desire to perform the highest levels possible, I will make an outstanding team player that adapts rather easily to varied environments.


CCRI Lincoln, RI 1979-1980
Journalism, Psychology

Lincoln High School Lincoln, RI 1976-1979
Business Administration
High Honors Graduate


Free-Lance Writer – Christian Women Lifestyle Xpress Online Magazine 9/2011
Compose writings of inspiration, support and encouragement to women.

SEO Content Writer - SEO Content Solutions Fort Myers, FL 8/11 - Present
Creatively and carefully write SEO content to meet required Client specifications. Multiple similar keywords must flow throughout writing.

Free-Lance Writer - Textbroker Las Vegas, NV 8/11 - Present
Creatively write articles on various topics of interest, depending on particular Client’s request. Designated a 4 star writer.

Free-Lance Writer – Tempesta Media/Article Document 8/11 - Present
Compose writings to fit the diverse needs of Client requests and requirements.

Radio Personality - WCNO 89.9 FM Radio Palm City, FL 3/10 - 3/11
Create, write and produce Christian World News on The Final Edition Show. Responsible for researching pertinent worldwide Christian news stories, composing the text, producing and reporting the information in a professional manner.

Ghost Writer - Miracle Mission of Hope, Inc. Stuart, FL 2010
Write, create and produce handouts for a Stuart Christian Prison Ministry.

Free-Lance Writer - Palm City Presbyterian Church Palm City, FL 2008-2010
Write creative poetry submissions for monthly newsletter.

Free-Lance Writer - Miscellaneous Palm City Newspaper Guides 2000-2002
Write miscellaneous poetry.

Free-Lance Writer - Variety of Poetry Websites 2000-2002
Create poetry content in a myriad of styles.

Free-Lance Writer - Cincinnati Enquirer Cincinnati, OH 1998-2000
Composed weekly parenting articles for my own newspaper column. Content varied to include personal experiences, amusing and embellished topics of interest, humorous and serious discussions, informative items for health and well-being, as well as heart-to-heart conversations.

Entrepreneur - Mom’s Helping Moms Cincinnati, OH 1996-2000
Responsible for developing, creating, writing, designing and publishing a monthly newsletter for this non-profit organization. Detailed interviews were conducted with a variety of local businesses and stories were then created for publication in the newsletter. Coverage of community events were thoroughly researched and reported. Creative advertising was a constant demand, which allowed this organization to grow rapidly. Avenues to advertise were through classified ads in the local newspaper, internet marketing, creatively designed brochures and telephone solicitation.

Software Experience

Microsoft Works Internet research
Microsoft Word Notepad
Open Office Database mailings
Basecamp Microsoft Publisher
Google Docs Skype


Computer savvy Internet researcher
Creative writing skills Proofreader
Deadline sensitive Ghost writer
Create newsletters and content Flexible writing skills
People person, friendly, outgoing Professional
Able to curate and organize information from multiple sources

SAMPLE WRITINGS (copyright protected)

Journey Through Time In Historic Downtown Stuart, Florida

Planning a vacation? Don't pass up historic downtown Stuart located in sunny southeastern Florida. Here you will find a melting pot of not only people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, but you will also find an extravagant variety of things to do and places to visit. Stroll through the streets where quaint shops await your presence. From the sidewalk, peer through the windows of specialty shops boasting with unique, uncommon and unusual wares. Choose among stylish new wardrobes and designer accessories, antiques galore, or paintings that reflect a Kinkade aura. Cross the street to find musical instruments yet to be voiced or stock up on necessary fishing gear and bait to provide the finest at-home filet dinners. At sunset, enjoy a fabulous dining experience while enjoying the evening breeze on the docks of the Indian River as dolphins entertain their guests. Choose your favorite cuisine from among the many flavors of restaurants such as Italian, American, Asian or Country. As the night falls, live bands play throughout the area resonating reggae music, rock, country or jazz. Be constantly amused by young musically inclined competition heard on the street corners, as these innocent youthful entertainers vie for attention through singing, guitars, dancing or juggling acts. Feeling like you want to go back in time? Settle yourself in a plush balcony seat at The Lyric Theater and watch a reenactment of the Academy Award winning “Gone With The Wind”. Feast your eyes on Clark Gable as your evening transforms and you become lost in an engaging story of romance. Before the night comes to a close, entertain your palette with a delicious ice cream treat from Kilwin's or perhaps choose from the assortment of handmade chocolates at Hoffman's. But before you step away from this enchanted evening, be sure to take the historic horse and buggy carriage ride throughout the streets of this tranquil and captivating hideaway that echos the days of old. You'll be sure to revisit this charming village again and again and again.

Rioting - Is It A Deliberate Action?

More likely than not, a riot will involve a violent and vicious circle of individuals who carry a great deal of distaste. Aggressiveness is based on a specific situation, event or group of circumstances that have occurred, but do not bear unanimous support. When there is a societal event that heavily weighs on a large number of people, this group maintains a psychological mindset of being the victor. Carrying a frame of mind toward achieving the goals of what appears to have been lost, commonly tends to snowball the aggression. Violence gives participants strength and lends credibility that they are serious about their contention. The basis for the crowd-madness usually gains momentum when one does not see results on their behalf. Therefore, tension is infused and the anger in the group begins to escalate. The Cato Journal discusses at length specific rioting scenarios, perhaps reasons to why such events took shape and the focused mindset that prevails.

Usually, those who riot frequently carry an intense feeling of helplessness, experiencing a great deficiency in power when they stand alone. They lack control over decisions that have brought such circumstances to the forefront. This is the starting point that can lead to rebellion. The pack mentality ensues. All it takes is one dissatisfied human being to convert the mentalities of others to sway toward the side of discontentment. A mob-like approach quickly develops turning that loss of power into a bold persuasive statement of supremacy.

Conceivably, the mindset does not believe that a positive outcome will be the end result. If a passive demonstration appears unobtrusive, the demonstration may not be recognized as serious. Some feel a need to be forceful, demanding their voice be heard. They may have already tried to work in unison in a friendly, peaceful and systematic manner. More than likely, they have exhausted logical thinking. Perhaps what may have begun as an approachable disagreement can easily and rather quickly be altered. Hopes of changes or justice being served may be hastened. When this occurs, social behaviors pressure our psyche, and our decisions become influenced in irrational ways. Loss of personal boundaries and moral standards may be diminished or lost completely.

When a maddening crowd cannot manage and contain their emotions, the unavoidable happens. More often than not, the tension leads to a breaking point when there is no end in sight. Inevitably, a riot develops. At this very moment, no one is prepared for such violent activity that is yet to come. Pushing and shoving is just the beginning. People are trampled, fights break out, yelling and cursing abound and claustrophobia sets in. Rage is apparent. Hundreds or thousands have no room to breathe, possibly panic-stricken, with nowhere to escape, trapped. Psychologically, the rebels feel a need to gain control of what was originally lost. Blood pressure is high, fury from within is enhanced, tempers are on the rise, controlled passions no longer exist. A failed future is laid before them. Reconciliation of differences or a truce of opinionated testimony could be the answer. But, in all likelihood, the passive opposition gains its own aggression and a riot ensues.

People do not know how to manage the rage that is continually building inside when conflict is facing them. A burning desire to foster a change for the benefit of those fighting for peace, justice, humanity or new direction, tends to increase within oneself. Because of this, they may not realize they have become the outraged voice of the bulk of the rioters. They may have been a spectator at the beginning, but now the involvement is more psychological. Unfortunately, their perception of judgment has been dramatically distorted. During a riot, oftentimes one may find themselves so caught up in the moment, that they too, join in the disturbing actions of illegalities. Theft, pilferage, damaging buildings and vandalizing personal property are all common disturbances. The tragedy of this situation is devastating. Regrettably, the person in question who has performed such ill-fated actions may face potential arrest and physical abuse, to some degree.

In the wake of chaos, they have severely damaged their reputation, character and potential future in so many ways. An altruistic imbalance exists where the mind appears to be persuaded to act in behalf of others for their good. Only a few will pay the price for courage and audacity. Some engage in the pursuit of rioting for pure pleasure, a thrill-seeking adventure. Previously documented research shares insights into this riot phenomenon, which may help to explain some things that we may lack to comprehend. Perhaps society can gain an understanding of group psychosis and what triggers regrettable behaviors that follow.

Riots can be avoided. Although challenging, encouragement to work things out for the mutual benefit of all involved will bring peace instead of destructive and permanent consequences. Taking to violence will not ultimately bring resolution to the conditions that were of controversy. Patience, open communication and compromise will perhaps lend a more focused view to obtaining the overall goal beforehand, rather than after an uprising is in progress. Put aside ill-regarded temptations, reason with circumstances at hand and be willing to accept less than expected by attempting to receive more than practical.
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