John Skinner, Jr.

Freelance Fiction Writer & Newsletter Writer

Location:Bangor, Maine, United States
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I am the father of three daughters--and they're amazing (just ask me). My oldest daughter is in South Korea teaching English; my middle daughter is spending a semester in France as she studies world politics, and my youngest daughter, a flutist, attends a private high school and aspires to be a writer, herself.

What does this have to do with me? Only that I brag about them at any given point in time.

I have a black belt in karate and ju-jitsu, and am a photographer. Writing, a passion I have had since I could hold a crayon, is about communicating in a way that holds your readers' attention. To do this, I write with an edginess combined with a small amount of humor. It's all about having your reader walk away a little differently than he/she arrived. That's what I try and do.