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Rob Reilly

Freelance Digital Artist & Voiceover Freelancer

Location:Springfield, Pennsylvania, United States
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My name is Rob Reilly, otherwise known as Son or Son23 on the web. I am a digital artist still developing my skills, but am fairly confident in my work. I mostly draw in an anime/manga like style, but am defining my own style. I have also done some animations as well. I am also a voice actor known for many rolls, and have been casted as the main character in an independent anime series called Edepth Angel.

My range for art is toony, creepy, cute, comics, fantasy, and more. However, realism is still a work in progress for me. I do line art, colors, and sketches.

My range for voice acting is deep to high. I can sound natural, mysterious, gruff, insane, cute, creepy, deep, quiet, angry, sexy, cocky, and much more! I am currently working on an audio book of the Divine Comedy

I have experience in Photoshop, Flash, Manga Studio, Audacity (not all that special).
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Digital Art