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Valerie Jeffries

Freelance Article Writer & Admin Support Freelancer

Location:Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Phone: 336-847-2115
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My name is Valerie Jeffries. I have been a creative writer since Age 11. Writing short stories and poems in English classes throughout my schooling. A Teacher told me one day to submit my writings to a poetry contest. I won thus having my poetry published and a Certificate along with a copy of the book sent to me. I have not stopped my quest to becoming a published writer one day. I have a collection of short stories, poems as well as ideas for Television Series. I am currently the article writer for FitnessTrance. It is relatively new and I am excited to be a part of it.
Below are other sample works showcasing my talents in different arenas of writing.

Brief Samples of Original Works-

Short Poem Entitled

-three to revel-

the blossomed air created a conveyance to sort out,
i imagined the breath torturous in wondrous deeds,
a failed glimpse prolonged a lapse,
one to strengthen, two to discover, three to revel

**Revel is short for revelation**

Excerpt from a Book Entitled

-nothing changes-

oh how the winters eve is lost, when heavens abound to cast thee off. love is grasped yet afar to hold, i grapple my steed too hastily yet bold. i wander the earth a breath too soon nary a breath too late full moon.....-VJ


I think a lot. Actually, I over think too much for my own health. I was diagnosed with anxiety and I struggle when things don’t happen quickly enough to satisfy my palpitated heart. Go figure right. So growing up my sister called me a hypochondriac. I literally had a pill for every ailment and overly worried about every god-given thing that crossed my path and yours and theirs and strangers. It was like I wanted to be God and know everything and protect everyone and give advice for everything. Cause I was smart. LOL! I physically wanted to take on the worlds pains because I knew I could handle any type of pain that came my way. And thus began my journey of ‘pain’

Excerpt from a Hip-Hop song (Envision Missy Elliott and DA' Brat collaboration)


All the problems you see/ run deep mentality/ it’s a tragedy/ face reality/ all the **** in your life laugh ecstatically/ hold to your dreams/ life ain’t really what it seems/ not huh crystal beams/ and uh sexy seams/ and uh ******* means/ a ****** up mind/ hold up press rewind/ in the history books/ cause all it took/ was one enlightened look/ so don’t stress the present/ my rhymes seem incessant/ or quite adolescent/ deep into convalescence/ I preen to your profession/ my soul is in constant battle/ but no I won’t tattle/ on your boyfriend best friend/ hell I made amends/ it depends around the bend/ how deep the chapter lends/ the truth about life/ **** the strife/ and all of your fake *** wives/ who lied to you/ cheat onto/ steal on thru/ another parallels dimension/ I’m in a position/ to handle the/ **** in your life and ya/ sit back and watch me ya/ as I listen to this **** for 2000 degrees/ of 22 reasons/ that brought on this seasons/ of change/ cant rearrange/ the prophecy of truth/ I come thru like the chosen one/

I hate the air I breathe/ everyone’s trying to seethe/ the blind don’t bleed/ what the seeing do read/ this world don’t care/ about this hypocratic air/ they just stare/ like puppets let me pull the strings/ and open up your eyes to what what can bring...

Excerpt from a Suspense Novel Entitled

-the lavish house-

Excerpt from a dream of one of the characters....

..this time it was different, we were all laughing and saying 'we are going to pack all this stuff up.. and there’s so much room... we can box it up and put it in the basement and there’s plenty room for all of our things'. Upon going up stairs to the game room I notice a black boy sitting there watching TV nonchalantly and with a book bag by his legs like he just got off the school bus and is just chilling out at home. It startles me because the house was supposedly empty, deserted even for years... it was our Fours house after all and to see this boy seemingly to act like he is clearly at home is a shock, So I ask him 'Who are you, how did you get here?' He just stares at me with the fathomless dark eyes without speaking. I then persist with my questioning not daring to take a step forward ' Uhm, are you alright? Did you run away perhaps? Where are your parents? What are you doing here?" What are you doing here? The very question reverbrates thru my mind….then it dawns on me. I stand more erect and demand "How did you get in?" Still nothing, the air didn't move, I could not even hear him breathing.All at once the earth stood still, I no longer heard movement from downstairs, I no longer heard the birds outside nor the wind blowing through the chimes on the porch. Immediately I call for the others, and the Man with me, he’s easily 6' foot tall, silky, thick blue/black hair, black hooded eyes, olive skin.. perhaps Grecian, he looks at me and then the boy and he points " So who’s this and how did he get in?" "well duh smartass that is exactly my question." The Air comes back and I'm no longer there.

This was just like the first dreams I'd had, except the dead children were white girls….this time no one’s appearing to be dead but the child is black.

Preview of Chapter 1

He runs, he goes for what I think is a secret exit, it’s a door that doesn’t exactly look like a door, it looks more like a prop. There are steps and then the burst of the outside. There are two older boys of middle school age with him now outside and they are running toward a fence that semi circles the outer yard…. I noticed on the makeshift hidden door there isn’t any security ???? I wonder now if this is the key to the many ******* that take place in this house…no one knows that this is the secret in/out to this world except the chosen few.

But this is different because I see the faces of these intruders…
I yell to the Grecian that I need help securing these doors he tells me go ahead and handle it he will check the front and gather the others to check the rest of the house. He leaves me alone. I noticed the bamboo greenish prop door has a fake lock on it, if someone tried securing it attempting security they failed. This once beautiful safe house with the marvelous rooms and colorful atmosphere is now my nightmare and my gut tells me I must survive and find out what it is these kids want or who they are. I run back to the hidden room to gather evidence but before I can even comprehend, I hear breaking noises and look outside and see the boys carrying stuff, obviously stolen from the house, and running back to the secret entrance, I take off like lightening my instinct telling me I must protect this house and all who are in it. I race to the door at the same time the boy on the other end reaches it, It's as if my mind foresees the event seconds before it happens. I kick it open and a rake appears out of midair, I step on it and the teeth portion juts up and crunches into the door blocking the boy from gaining entrance, somehow I leap over the break of the door and the handled jutting out, barely missing the boys attempt to grab me and race toward the far end of the basement area seeing the boys as the enter and disappear...



• Skilled executive management abilities with a commitment to producing top-quality work through attention to detail, thorough planning and sound knowledge of business operations.
• Managed vendor relationships for outsourcing products and services.
• Extremely organized, and analytical take-charge professional with exceptional follow-through abilities and excellent team management skills; possesses the initiative and ability to complete the most complex assignments and projects from concept to successful completion meeting operational deadlines.
• Proven ability to work well under pressure and improvise to get the job done.
• Acted as Corporate liaison for local, regional and International industry associations.
• Train employees to ensure a consistent unified approach to user support and network protocols.
• Provides quarterly training to new employees.


Content Writer

? Article Writer 2011-Present

Administrative Assistant I

? Input up-to-date information into Know How Intranet website
? Facilitate Classes for employees
? Assist with Facilities where needed
? Assist in all aspects of administrative duties as needed incl. vendors
? Shipping/Receiving packages
? Point of contact for reservations, conference calls, meetings, etc.
? Switchboard duties

AOL, TIME WARNER, Tucson, AZ 2005-2006
Technical Assistant

? Troubleshoot hardware and software issues
? Assist client with web-based familiarity
? Keep Data Reporting

AMERICAN EXPRESS, Greensboro, NC 2003-2004

? Consult with businesses in order to determine appropriate needs
? Help find solutions in order to meet client’s needs
? Deliver superior customer service
? Educate card members on products and how they work for them
? Meet and achieve all metrics set by American Express

MONTEGO BAY, Greensboro, NC 2000-2004
Shift Manager

? Assist in interviewing and hiring selection
? Train new associates
? End of shift paperwork
? Weekly scheduling
? Promote and market restaurant through web and newspaper

PRICE NEWMAN PAYNE, Greensboro, NC 1999-2001
Office Manager

? Managed 16 architects in aspects of business
? Dictation and meeting minutes
? Monitoring of proper inventory levels and control
? Responsible of shipping and receiving of special client orders
? Assisted with special projects
? Set up meetings and travel arrangements
? Re-designed and wrote newsletter in conjunction with local art store
? Maintenance and other management functions

76wpm - type speed
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