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You will see that I am extensively experienced in Management, Retail Franchises, Call Centre and Customer Service. I offer a balanced mixture of leadership, client focus, technical skills, business acumen, management expertise, achievement and drive, representation and administrative expertise, combining to give me a broad perspective and pragmatic approach to my work processes and leadership/management techniques. I was managing the business revenue of upto A$700K and team of twenty staff.

In reference to the selection criteria I offer the following skills and accomplishments:

Qualifications & Key Responsibilities

1. My various roles have required uncompromising standards of excellence in customer service. Consequently, I have developed outstanding interpersonal skills, listening and appropriately responding to client enquiries. I adapt my language skills to ensure that individual requirements are identified and met I consistently display commitment and leadership in achieving a level of excellence in customer service. Moreover, I adapt feedback from clients and staff to improve efficiency or enhance the level of service provided.

An example of my commitment to promoting and delivering quality customer service is illustrated in my capacity as owner/manager of a retail franchise, Wendy’s Supa Sundaes (Wendy’s) where I demonstrated strong client focus, utilizing highly developed interpersonal skills to create an excellent and flexible customer service environment. In this capacity I assumed responsibility for coordinating staff and tasks as well as developing clear direction; managing workloads; allocating tasks, and leading staff to achieve goals. As owner/manager, I supervised daily operations, including all technical issues, OH&S, cash handling, banking, purchasing and marketing products. I also motivated and built confidence in staff members by mentoring them and leading by example.

In leadership capacities, I adopt a transparent approach to management, empowering those within my area of authority to establish their own goals and meet overall objectives. I also involve staff in the decision-making process when the outcome will ultimately affect their positions. In my management/supervisory capacities I have demonstrated appreciation of staff as a valuable resource, welcoming participation from all team members, and benefiting from different perspectives.

I have also established coaching systems for personal and professional development to improve specific skills. In all of my capacities I have demonstrated ability to build cohesive teams of employees, focussing on the best person for the job and assuming responsibility for performance appraisal.

In my retail management capacity and my technical roles, I have cohesively formed and bonded teams from extremely diverse cultural, skills base, and educational backgrounds. My conflict management and resolution skills have been proven within that difficult and sensitive environment, where fairness is paramount.

2. My customer service skills in retail have proven to be of the highest standard, and I continually work to provide customers with the level of service I would expect. I believe that exceptional customer service is the key to building sound working relationships, and attracting repeat business from my client base.

Similarly, in my technical capacities, I adopted an inclusive approach with internal and external stakeholders/business partners, ensuring their participation and sense of ownership in projects. I encourage feedback from clients so that we can improve our customer service.

I initiated and prepared a document outlining “continuation training” for newly validated junior staff. This document was aimed at troubleshooting, initiating tasking, and providing general information on the professional development of junior and trainee personnel, as well as ensuring high quality standards are maintained after the junior member is validated into a task. This initiative improved the training and validation phase of junior personnel by ensuring their progression and continuation training was seamless and that no time was wasted in their development

Throughout my employment I have demonstrated a strong commitment to client satisfaction, utilising highly developed interpersonal skills to create an excellent and flexible environment. I am consistently polite and ensure that enquiries are clearly identified and that responses provided are appropriate and easily understood.

3. In my retail customer service management role, I have established coaching systems for Personal and professional development to improve specific skills in staff. In this capacity I have demonstrated ability to build cohesive teams of employees, focussing on the best person for the job and assuming responsibility for performance appraisal. I identify organisational objectives to staff, commending them on achievements and providing constructive feedback to ensure staff is apprised of all relevant information and able to achieve optimal outcomes.

I am also experienced in staff development which extends well beyond the development of programs. This requires the design and implementation of an integrated system that supports staff to grow and achieve excellence in customer service. Understanding the various ‘touch points’ between the leadership system and other managerial and cultural systems is critical and a key strength that I can offer. In my management and supervisory roles I have proven this appreciation of how various systems and behaviours integrate in the design and approach, achieving optimal client service outcomes.

4. As owner/management of Wendy’s I thoroughly investigated options to make well considered decisions whilst adhering to protocol and procedures when researching, interpreting, developing and implementing strategies. In this capacity I gained extensive and valuable experience, illustrating sound decision-making skills which have resulted in the resolution of a number of challenges. My ability to exercise sound judgement when making decisions under pressure is specifically evidenced in this role in which I was confronted by challenges on a daily basis regarding marketing, products, budgeting, pricing levels and staffing issues. I effectively interacted with representatives of the industry, constantly researching and identifying business opportunities.

In my technical capacities I consulted and collaborated, as well as gaining an understanding of requirements, taking those concerns, as well as constructive insights, to my peers, senior management and stakeholders for further discussion and consideration.

I have also proven my flexibility to adapt to different environments and my expertise in implementing procedures to accommodate change. I have developed a high level of adaptability, re-prioritising competing tasks and introducing change to achieve objectives. My ability to implement change is evident throughout my career and can be demonstrated in my various positions where I have successfully delivered high level advice and change strategy with positive results. For example, at Wendy’s I have developed and implemented strategic policy and procedural initiatives to facilitate various programs and ultimately improve service delivery to customers.

5. I am proficient in a range of software applications, including all of those contained in Microsoft Office suite as well as browsers, e.g. Outlook and Explorer as well as other specialised applications. I embrace the benefits technology provides in all aspects of my career.

6. During the course of my career I have demonstrated ability to effectively communicate in person and through a variety of media (phone, fax, email and correspondence) with all strata of management and staff, as well as a diverse clientele from differing socio-economic, ethno-religious and cultural backgrounds. In oral communication, I listen attentively to what is being said and adapt my language skills to suit individual requirements or prevailing circumstances. I also mentor and train staff and ensure that they understand and adhere to safety procedures.

My excellent written communication skills are clear, confident, succinct and well-targeted to the reader. My expertise in this regard has been honed through a depth of education and the preparation of a range of high quality documents in my technical roles where I prepared comprehensive and accurate written reports for submission to management and stakeholders.

In all correspondence I organise information in a logical sequence to ensure clarity. I have also demonstrated sound interpretative skills, accurately digesting information and translating it for different audiences.

In my business capacities I have engaged in long and arduous negotiations to ensure criteria were met before projects could come to fruition. Moreover, in my technical roles I have successfully repaired and strengthened complex and sensitive relationships.

7. In addition to my retail management capacity I have demonstrated high level problem solving skills in my technical capacities. For instance, at Lucent technologies I was Team Leader (Senior Test Engineer) managing the lab and staff in research and development. Similarly, at Alcatel Australia as Technical Officer I managed all QA and audit tracks on the MAN modules and other products as ell as handling all technical enquiries about MAN and LAN equipment.

In my technical roles I consulted and collaborated, as well as gaining an understanding of requirements, taking those concerns, as well as constructive insights, to my peers, senior management for stakeholders for further discussion and consideration. In my previous management/proprietorship role at Argyle Industries I effectively interacted with representatives of the industry and allied trades, negotiating sales and establishing price levels.

8. At Wendy’s I exercised diplomacy, patience and tact in all of my dealings with customers. In this capacity I established internal tools to streamline procedures. My sound judgement and ability to quickly assess the situation is evidenced in this role. When dealing with disgruntled clients, I handled customer complaints by giving them the opportunity to vent and then calmly resolving the issue to our mutual satisfaction. I also took on board feedback and subsequently implemented suggestions, where appropriate.

9. I have ensured the highest level of professionalism and integrity is upheld in all aspects of my work. Similarly, I have interacted with many culturally diverse people from differing socio-economic and ethno-religious backgrounds. In all of my capacities I have demonstrated a strong commitment to workplace diversity principles and participative work practices. In view of my own background I have also acknowledged cultural assets and different backgrounds as valuable resources, providing enrichment to our society and different perspectives in the workplace. I understand the need for the public sector workforce to reflect the diversity inherent in our society. I encourage participation by all staff.

Similarly, I observe all equity principles in the workplace applying openness, honesty, accountability, objectivity and courage in all matters, doing the right thing despite the difficulty or adversity. I also apply fairness and impartiality to all issues, observing codes and obeying legislation. I keep meticulous records and give reasons for decisions, ensuring that integrity is maintained. I have also demonstrated an ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts in the workplace. I appreciate the principles of industrial democracy and Equal Employment Opportunity, understanding the implications of discrimination and appreciating the principle of involving people in the decision making process when the outcome of the decision will affect them.

I appreciate the importance of adhering to confidentiality practices, management policies, teamwork guidelines, equity principles, safety policies and performance expectancy. I also ensure all worker conditions, including OH&S, are meticulously applied.

Desirable Criteria

• Tertiary qualification in Business Administration, Communications or equivalent

I have completed numerous courses, as follows:

* Certificate III in Transport & Logistics
* Retail Franchises Management Course –WENDYS SUPA SUNDEAS
* MYOB, Customer Service, Retail Management
* ATM Course from Lucent Technologies
* Completed Extensive Training on ATM Switch (CBX500) Course
* ATM Course from Marconi (ASX1000) Switch
* Completed Extensive Training on ATM Switch
* Broadband Training on Lucent Product
* Completed Extensive training on ADSL, VDSL, HDSL, SHDSL
* E.I.T.W Successfully Completed Network System Management
Course with Merit (Microsoft Certified System Engineer)
* MAN and WAN Course from Alcatel Australia
* Successfully Completed Training on Network Control Tools
* Quality Control Course in Alcatel Australia on ISO9001
* Successfully Completed Training on ISO9001
* Diploma in Electronics & Instrumentation


State Transit Authority July 2009 -- July 2011
Bus Operator

Wendy’s Retail franchise November 2002 -- November 2008

Lucent Technologies February 1999 -- November 2002
Team Leader (Senior Test Engineer)

Bluegum Technology & Alcatel Australia September 1993 -- November 2000
Technical Officer

Pacific Semiconductor 20 December 1990 -- September 1993
Center for Development of Telematics January 1986 ---- August 1990
In India

• Practical experience with and knowledge of multicultural issue in a diverse community

My personal background and involvement in the community illustrates my knowledge of multicultural issues. In 2005 I provided Training and coaching to under 13’s individuals for Bankstown Sports (cricket) Club for a summer season. At the end of the winning year I provided a written report for individual players and their sporting achievements throughout the season and presenting them awards at speech night. In 2009 I actively participated in under sixteen winter cricket sports and was nominated as a team manager and Coach. Also in 2009 and currently I work as a Mentor for Sydney Community College, mentoring and coaching, to people from diverse ethno-religious and cultural backgrounds.

• Demonstrated experience in the development and implementation of a Customer Service Strategy.

I am extensively experienced in the development and implementation of customer Service Strategies, which is evidenced in my owner/manager role at Wendy’s where I employed a range of strategies on a daily basis to achieve optimal outcomes.

I am confident that my experience, qualifications and personal attributes satisfy the selection criteria outlined in your position profile and I trust you will consider my application of interest.

I look forward to your response.
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