Joshua Stammers

Freelance Portrait Artist & Cartoonist

Location:hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Joshua James Stammers

D.O.B: 28/02/1990


I have a substantive, clean driving licence that allows me to drive private and light goods vehicles.

Software experience:

• 3DS max
• Z brush
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe After effects


Leeds Metropolitan University third year grades, module results (%), July 2011

Module Name Mark ( % ) Grade Equivalence
Character Modeling 74 1st
Animation Practice 64.4 2:1
Motion Graphics 65 2:1
Project Research and planning 65 2:1
Project Implementation 68 2:1
Project Evaluation 71 1st
Advanced Animation with Special Effects 62 2:1
Innovation and Enterprise 62 2.1

South Holderness Technology College and Sixth Form

A Level Subject Grade Date Achieved
Art B July 2008
Physical Education B July 2008
English Language C July 2008

South Holderness Technology College

GCSE Subject Grade Date Achieved
English Language A July 2006
English Literature A July 2006
Physical Education A July 2006
Mathematics B July 2006
Science (Double Award) BB July 2006
Design and Technology: Graphics B July 2006
Art B July 2006
Religious Education B July 2006
Information Communication Technology C July 2006
Geography C July 2006

Experience of Work:

Self Employed Portrait Artist, January 2007 to present –

From a young age I have always been interested in drawing, making character models using plasticine and animation. Self taught drawing caricatures of teachers at school I have progressed to drawing pencil portraits of the highest quality from photographs.

I have utilized my talent to create a small on-line business; .
and have had a steady flow of customers commission me to draw pencil portraits from photographs for them through my website ensuring that I meet timescales agreed .

Self-development is very important to me and I am constantly striving to achieve the highest possible quality of work and as a result I am very self critical.

I worked for a Cabinet Maker, Furniture by George, June 2006 to September 2010 –

I have worked with my father over the years he runs a small cabinet making business this introduced me to an understanding of working with raw materials and involved using various cabinet making tools and techniques, also an appreciation for the attention to detail. Being a small business invariably the piece of furniture being made went through a process of evolution and re-designs to make the piece of furniture made the best it could possibly be to the satisfaction of my father and the customer. I quickly adapted to the hands on roles within the pipeline of creating each specific product. This job aided me in enhancing my ability to work independently, understand the importance of deadlines, and improve communication skills

Display Assistant – Team leader, South Holderness Technology College, September 2006 to July 2008

Whilst at Sixth Form College I was employed by the school to maintain and create the art displays around each of the departments. This job required me to have a keen eye for contrasting colours creating different compositions for display based on the art work of students within the college.

Eventually I was given the opportunity to lead a team to paint a large mural. Using pencil and acrylic paints, I created a piece of art that represented the brief that I was given. This artwork was well received by teaching staff / pupils and their families and is still in the school today.

Given the role of Display Team Leader included arranging working hours for the other Display Assistants that took form as a Gantt chart. This opportunity enabled me to develop my communication and leadership skill.

Dinner Supervisor, South Holderness Technology College, September 2006 to July 2008

I took on a variety of roles within my job as a Dinner time Supervisor. It involved working with teenage students across lunch time ensuring the smooth running of the school over that period of the day. On occasions it was necessary to become the mediator when any student conflicts arose. Able to interact with students of various ages and staff at all levels monitoring and maintaining different areas of the school contributed to my personal development , in particular my communication and organistaional skills.

Burstwick Post Office, November 2004 – January 2006

Whilst working for Burstwick Post Office I delivered evening papers Monday to Saturday to villagers. The main benefits this experience provided for me were the commitment to work and the ability to be punctual.

Other Experience:
My life so far has revolved heavily around art, sport and education.
I have always been an enthusiastic artist and am so interested in art that I have the ability to learn new techniques within all aspects of art quickly. My inspiration to study Animation with Special Effects at Leeds Metropolitan University came from a love of films and comedy from a young age. I have always been creative and have spent hours designing characters, making storyboards and creating flip books. Whilst at university I have developed my skills and techniques and can now transform some of my many ideas into CG format. Watching a character grow that I have created and bringing it to life is very rewarding. I find myself constantly studying the way people move, particularly their subtle movements and those between people as I transpose theses movements into my own animated creations. I have become familiar with software such as 3DS Max, Z Brush, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and have developed my skills using these software’s whilst I have been studying at Leeds Metropolitan University over the past three years.
I love to play sport, especially football, and from a young age have enjoyed consistent success with several local football teams. The competitive streak in me makes me always strive to achieve the best I can and also helped my ability to keep moral within a team and take control of challenging situations.
Education is important to me as is personal development
Skills (2) Rating
Portrait Art