Griselda Demassey

Freelance Brochure Designer & Content Writer

Location:Trenton, New Jersey, United States
2 Skills
Multilingual writer of marketing communications and advertising copy. Excellent translating, proofreading, copy editing experience in English, French and Spanish. Articulate, self-starter with creative, multimedia experience including script writing, radio and video production. Writer of original copy in multiple languages and for target audiences.

Spanish and French – Native Fluency Spoken/Written
Italian, Portuguese- Conversational Level
Expert multilingual proofreading/editing, keyboarding French/Spanish.

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, WordPress, Navilink, Sharepoint


Lead Bilingual Marketing Communications Consultant – Hispanic Market 2008-2011
Colonial Life Insurance – Columbia, South Carolina

Main accomplishments: Improved the company’s Spanish language marketing materials by recommending, designing and implementing a strategy that resulted in a $65,000 savings in 2010 – including an innovative portfolio of employee benefit brochures.
Awarded company’s High Voltage Award for top cost-savings idea in marketing communications.
• Assisted Director of Marketing Communications & Advertising with development and implementation of company’s first Hispanic marketing strategy for Print and Video.
• Created original content and assisted with cast selection, direction, and dubbing of final product.
• Managed brand compliance, positioning, language selection, product advertising, logo and design of all Spanish language promotions.
• Introduced brand building through consistent use of language and messaging in overall marketing communications.
• Liaisoned with legal and compliance partners, sales and field personnel, internal business partners as needed to ensure timely delivery of all Spanish language collateral.
• Partnered with designers, product and cross-functional managers on production of creative, and review and implementation of changes to generate awareness and support of ongoing projects.
• Created Hispanic Advisory group consisting of cross-functional groups in order to generate support, interest and receive feedback about ongoing projects.
• Coordinated all special requests for non-English marketing collateral with outside vendors to ensure timely delivery of materials from production to distribution.
• Recommended changes to product managers based on quantitative and qualitative market research and field usage data.
• Recommended and lead the implementation of TM software to streamline the creation of new content.

Bilingual Benefits Specialist 2004-2008
UNUM Group – Portland, Maine

Main accomplishment: Initiated project to review open claims based on ability to communicate with non-English speaking customers.
• Managed Spanish disability cases for team including translation of claim information and other documents needed to adjudicate claims.
• Worked across teams to implement a uniform process for reviewing all bilingual claims.
• Facilitated communication between other specialists on cases requiring higher level of communication in Spanish or French.
• Acted as the “go to” person for partners needing bilingual expertise and immediate solutions to customer complaints.
• Participated in company’s Hispanic Initiative and the development of strategy to enter this market.

Bilingual Liaison Migrant & Immigrant Services 2000-2001
Maine Department of Labor – Portland, Maine

Main accomplishments: Developed and produced the first state-wide Interactive Voice Response system in Spanish for employment seekers.
Successfully implemented improved labor law enforcement measures for businesses with high percentage of migrant workers.
Launched a state-wide English literacy program for migrant workers and families.
• Represented the state of Maine as coordinator for all local and non-profit services available to migrant workers in the state.
• Served as Maine’s Hispanic Liaison, acting as sole translator, interpreter, and community outreach person for all migrant workers.
• Partnered with local businesses to create and promote safer work environments for migrant workers. Collaborated with state and federal officials as needed to enforce migrant worker laws and protection.

International Sales Assistant 1996-2000
G.H. BASS, Portland, Maine

Main accomplishments: Generated a 45% increase in trade show sales by maximizing strong customer relationships and fulfillment standards.
Managed $1.5M worth of sales and service accounts in Latin America, Caribbean and France.
Leveraged deal that allowed company to obtain larger permanent booth space resulting in increased product visibility for customers.
Managed and organized a show in Paris, France that generated a 10% increase in business and revived interest in the brand in France vs. the competition.
• Coordinated all international sales and shipments to accounts in Latin America and France, including letters of credit, product analysis and documentation.
• Monitored international market trends, currency fluctuations, trade regulations, as needed, to maximize quality of shipments and meet customer expectations.
• Managed the coordination of new store openings for accounts including product selection, delivery and travel to assist client on site.
• Coordinated and attended domestic and international trade shows.
• Managed the preparation and negotiation of booth space, product selection and account servicing as needed to meet customer requirements.
• Built and maintained strong, trusting relationships with business owners in Latin America and France through on-site visits, industry trade shows in U.S./Europe, and promoting efficiency with multicultural literacy and sensitivity.
• Optimized account relationships by focusing on cross-functional team efforts with international sales strategies to increase sales and customer satisfaction.
• Managed all customer communication in Spanish to ensure customer needs were met with the appropriate product line for the customer.
• Successfully provided full international account assessment with targeted service solutions for the country within time restraints and budget parameters.

Executive Assistant to CEO, Bilingual French
Fromageries Bel, Inc.- Laughing Cow Cheese, Fort Lee, New Jersey

Main accomplishments: Developed company’s first Bilingual Newsletter to promote interoffice morale and intercompany communication.
Initiated and created process for monitoring and reporting quality assurance procedures to the CEO.
• Managed all executive level administrative tasks and projects under the sole supervision of the company CEO, including coordination of activities, schedules, correspondence, and special projects as needed by the company President.
• Facilitated communication and support for all projects in French and English as required; including the preparation of reports, documents, and conversations with overseas offices to ensure smooth operations.
• Represented the CEO to the public, businesses, and other agencies or functions as needed by the CEO.

Assistant Producer
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - UNITED NATIONS, New York, New York

Main accomplishment: Promoted to film traffic manager after only three months with company.
• Attended news briefings, met and interviewed Secretary of State and prepared news reports for Canadian Broadcasting news broadcasts, including voiceovers in French as needed for French networks.
• Assisted producer and other news correspondents in obtaining news and producing radio and TV newscasts.
• Attended production sessions to monitor news feeds as needed to meet deadlines and requirements.

• University of Southern Maine, Bachelor of Arts, French, 2001 – Magna *** Laude 3.82 GPA
• Montclair State University, Graduate course work in French Translation
• Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France, Translation Program

• Member Multicultural and Diversity Committee, ANA
• Life Insurance and Market Research Association, LIMRA International, Inc.
• Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
• American Translators Association (ATA)
• American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association (ATISA)
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Brochure Design
Content Writing