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Stasia Bliss

Freelance Article Writer & Travel Writer

Location:Portland, Oregon, United States
Phone: 5035604728
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Author of 9 published books:
"The Chocolate Fast: Embracing your Bliss one Truffle at a Time"
"Create your Life (not just babies):Embracing ****** Empowerment"
"Blissful Musings: A Lyrical Cosmic Dance of Embrace"
"Redefining Relationships: A New Paradigm for Evolved Interaction, Intimacy and At-One-Ment"
"The Alchemy of Relationships: Transforming the Dross of Human Tendencies into the Gold of Divine Union with the Beloved"
Plus 4 books on Essential oils & Consciousness: Frankincense&Myrrh, Arborvitae, White Fir and just out: Ylang Ylang & Geranium.
Working on several more book projects including a children's book series exploring yoga, meditation and breathing.
Have written for Aromatherapy Thymes & Currently writes for
Have nearly 500 articles on Health and Science for the Guardian Liberty Voice at: as well as over 100 on
I Blog, write poetry, creative fiction, short stories, ghost write and record podcasts on

I love to write, travel and speak on topics of healing and empowerment. I am a yoga/ and internal alchemy instructor. I love to create raw chocolate, expand my awareness continually, network and make the world a better place.
My passion is ignited when writing about subjects such as consciousness, spirituality, people, travel, awareness, natural health, mind/body connection, parenting, alchemy, new paradigms, creative fiction on these subjects and simply about the beauty of life, nature and reality.
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