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Danien Esselen

Freelance Artist & Sculptor

Location:Pretoria/ Joburg/ anywhere, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: +27824527574
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I am very hard working, dedicated and motivated. Perfection in the job field is of essential to me. I am young and hungry for oppertunities! I recently completed my honours degree in BA Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria (2007-2010) which also included intense studies in Art History and Visual Culture.

I am willing to work as a freelance Art Director or Artist in any given project or assignment. I can be hired for art commissions or jobs where artistic practice is required and needed.

My interest is to work as an Art Director in the filming industry for films, adverts, music videos, programs etc. Where new ideas and concepts are required from a creative and artistic mind. Often in this industry the technique is there but enough creativity and an artistic eye and mind is often needed.

I am also interested to work as a freelance Art Director for companies, businesses, magazines, events- whatever media or field where a creative mindset and input is required and needed. Here I can help conceive new ideas, evolve existing ideas and add debth and improvements in an artistic sense. I am also willing to assist businesses in improving their overall image and look by concentrating on the visual aspects of the business/ company.

Basically I can be hired for new ideas, concepts and artistic magic! *
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