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Chauncy Richards

Freelance Animator & Comic Artist

Location:Miami, Florida, United States
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I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. My major was media arts and animation but my real passion is in illustration. I'm very fast and open to negotiations about payment. If you are afraid I'm too far out of your regional area it's ok. I think we can work something out, I don't mind being paid through paypal and I can send you the art work useing dropbox the free file sharing site which allow you to transfer and share large files over the enternet. I've always loved drawing and have always dreamed of createing my comic book titles. I've tried many times to start my own book but could never find a team dedicated enough to stick with it. Now I'm trying to help others with their ideas and doing so can maybe find a team professional enough to collaborate with as well. I'm sure many artists are concerned with publicity makeing a name for themselves but I'm mostly interrested in helping others get their ideas out there and also makeing some side money, so I'm not a stickler when it come to retaining rights or getting credit. As long as you pay for it you can have it, that's my way of doing business. Thanks and hope I can be of assistance.
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Comic Art