Timothy Clarke

Freelance Content Writer & Article Writer

Location:Newport Beach - Will travel throughout LA/Orange, California, United States
Phone: 949-423-7547
Website: http://www.assetinternetmarketing.com
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Asset Internet Marketing is an team of writers.Led by Tim and Michele, veteran writers each with over 20 years of writing experience.Together with their team of writers, they have over 25,000 articles featured online on sites such as USA Today, Woman's Health, Parents Magazine, InStyle, Business Week, Travel USA and many more. Asset Internet Marketing has entertained across the age groups with engaging stories for children; scripts & screenplays we all love to watch; web copy that keeps potential customers on your site long enough to make a purchase; and articles on just about every topic imaginable. In the community they have raised over $220,000,000 for organizations located across the globe with their grant writing skills. They write everything that can appear online or on paper including SEO and non-SEO articles, web-content, e-books, and so much more. If it appears on the Internet or on paper, they can write it!

About the Executive Team
Michele first picked up the pen at age 12 and never looked back. At age 16, she wrote directed and starred in her first play, an hour long gem that won her a coveted New York State Language Arts Award. Since that tine she has won many more awards and placed over 1,500 articles featured online on sites such as USA Today, Woman's Health, Parents Magazine, InStyle, Business Week, and many more. Michele has entertained across the age groups with engaging stories for children; scripts & screenplays we all love to watch; and articles we can read from the convenience of our home. In the community she has raised over $220,000,000 for organizations located across the globe. She has built orphanages in South Africa; after school programs in New York; parks in Ohio; parenting programs in Texas; helped fund charter & public schools across America & the globe; senior work programs in California; special inner city school in New York City; helped come up with finding to help treat migraines, cancer, asthma, arthritis, COPD, diabetes, high cholesterol and helped fund so many other deserving programs over the years. Michele loves to write everything as she likes variety, and has the experience to back it up. Whether you are looking for that next $1,000,000 grant; a set of 30 articles; the next big script for a comedy, drama or documentary; technical manual; or anything in between, Michele is the writer for you!

Timothy has been a trainer & teacher since 2000 and a writer since 1992 and has written over 1,000 articles, and instructed thousands from ages 5 to 75. Timothy has developed curricula and teacher materials in Science, English, Special Education, Telecommunications, Technology & Manufacturing. He has written hundreds of technical, personnel & disaster manuals. He raised over $120,000,000 for his clients across the globe. Projects he has raised funds for include Saving Cork Trees in Tunisia; Reading Programs Across America; Technology Grants; Telecommunications; Security; Senior Service Programs; physical fitness grants; and so much more.

Timothy has started five different businesses, all of which were making a great profit. These businesses were in different industries. He uses this business experience to help others. He has ghost written several e-books on how to run a successful business. He also provides business coaching and business support to make sure small businesses "run their business" without it "running them". Timothy can provide the services you need whether you are looking for business coaching; articles; business manual; personnel manual; e-book; articles or anything in between. He writes on all topics. If it can appear on the Internet on on paper, he can write it.!

Tim and Michele have a team of over 200 writers with every specialty imaginable. We have experts in healthcare, education, fashion, automotive, real estate, home improvement, travel, home repair, crafts, parenting, sociology, psychology, science, gardening, weather, current events, movies, books, SEO, social media marketing, marketing, children, fictional writers, romance, teen romance, science fiction, press releases, sales copy, international relations and everything in between.

Bradley is the computer genius on the executive team. If you are having any trouble with your website, Bradley can fix it. He can design your website and create your logo. Bradley and his small team of computer professionals can do it all.
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