Mike Schramer

Freelance Sculptor & Still Life Painter

Location:Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Phone: 801-864-4718
Website: http://www.mikeschramer.etsy.com
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Michael Schramer
Artist Resume

Objective: Jobs as a freelance artist, sculptor of whimsical characters for TV,movies, Theme parks, musuem installations, individual collectors, galleries, corporations and wholesalers. Painter, creator of original figures in mixed media for films and theme parks.. Creator of backgrounds and unusual scenery. Please refer to www.enchantedtrehousefilms.com to see film which I produced, wrote, created scenes, illustrations and characters which I performed the voices for. I can be a versatile and integral part of your team. I sculpt an array unusual, whimsical characters and paint in a bright impressionistic style. Master of miniature scenery since 1987.

Contact information

1987 Michael began his art career in Tacoma, Washington
2004 Paintings and sculptures sold in Slotin and Kimball folk art auctions
2005 Painted large scenic sets for musical "Oklahoma" for Bellingham Washington Theater Co.
2007 Worked as a mold maker for the monumental Adonis Bronze Co.
2010 Sold paintings and sculptures to Bronwyn Keenan of The Guggenhiem New York for her
private collection and exhibited in her salon in Brooklyn New York

Books (featured in)
1994 "Chairmania", George Beylerian, art consultant/art collector/author
1994 "Morning Glories", "Victoria" magazine publication
1994 "Forget Me Not", Ho Phe Li
1995 "The Natural Home", Tricia Foley, author
1995 "Fairy Wings", Lauren Mills, artist/author
1996 "Les Immortales", Kathryn Kleinman

Magazines (featured in)
1991 "Victoria", February
1991 "Detroit Monthly", December (and a.m. T.V. program, Detroit)
1996 "Travel & Leisure"
1996 "Country Folk Art"
2001 "Child Art International"
2008 "Faerie" Magazine

Newspapers (featured in)
1990-1991 Various Seattle newspapers
1993 "The Seattle Times"
1994 "The Los Angeles Times"
1995 "The Charlotte Observer"
1996 "The Maine Antique Digest"
1996 "The Baltimore Sun"
2000 "The Daily Herald", Tacoma, Washington

1990 Seattle Art Museum store (during the Goodwill Games)
1990-1991 Tacoma Art Museum Art Auction, Tacoma, Washington
1994-1995 Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art, Bellevue, Washington
(Winner of Jumeau Award; works in permenant collection)
1995 American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland
"The Fairy Treehouse" chosen 4th favorite work of art out of 400 works in
opening exhibit; individual pieces given to corporate contributors

Exhibits in Art Showrooms, Catalogues
1993 Leon Goetz Showroom, Dallas World Trade Center
1995 ABC Carpet and Home, New York City
1991-1995 Finishing Touches Catalogue, Boston, Massachusettes
1993 "Art of Craft" show, Seattle, Washington; acknowledgement by
author/magazine editor Mary Emmerling
1994-1995 San Francisco and New York Gift Shows
2005 Seattle Miniature Show, "Best of Show" award
2005 Chicago International Miniature Show
2010 One month exhibit in Brooklyn, New York, curated by Bronwyn Keenan, Director of Special
Events at the Guggenheim Museum
(Pieces shown in many other exhibits)

1992 Ferrin Gallery, Northhampton, Massachusettes
1992-1993 Sticks and Stones Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1992 Gallery of Wearable Art, New York
1993 Takashimaya Gallery, Yokohama, Japan
1993-1994 Panaca Gallery, Bellevue, Washington, (Bellevue Art Museum)
1993-1994 Twist Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1994 Fireworks Gallery, Bellevue, Washington
1994 Uticas Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia; art on 5,000 exhibit invitations
1994-1995 The Phoenix Gallery, Big Sur, California
1996 The Wirtz Gallery, Miami, Florida (Miami Grand Prix Art Show, sponsored
by The Musee' de la Commanderie d' Unet, France
1999-2000 Repartee' Gallery, Salt Lake City & Provo, Utah
(Pieces exhibited and sold in many other galleries all over U.S.)

1991 Kirk's Folly Jewelers, 5th Avenue, New York City
1991-1994 Auntie Barbara's Antiques, Beverly Hills, California
1991-1995 Aspen Beauty Collection, Aspen, Colorado
1994-1995 Fillamento, San Francisco, California
1995 Felissimo, New York City
(Pieces sold in many other shops all over U.S.)

1995 Cite Design Corporation, Soho, New York
1995 Gilbert Tweed Associates, New York
1995 Inserts Film Productions, New York

Commissions and Purchases
2012 Commissioned painting for non profit in Salt lake City
1991 Richard Nixon Museum, Yorba Linda, California
1994 New York Toy Fair, commissioned pieces for artist Lauren Mills
1994 Folklife Festival, Seattle, Washington, commissioned piece for exhibit
1991-2000 Commissioned pieces for:
Nancy Lindemeyer, editor/"Victoria" magazine
Jennifer Nicholson, daughter of Jack Nicholson
Kathryn Kleinman, photographer
Mimi Danly, artist for Jim Henson
Rebecca Hoffberger, director American Visionary Art Museum
Bob Timberlake, artist, author, furniture designer
Aidan Quinn, actor
Gil Netter, Producer of The Blind Side


2008-2011 Etsy shops: www.mikeschramer.etsy.com, favorited 227 times, in 32 treasuries

2004-2011 Artmajeur websites: www.michaelschramer.com: 57, 765 visits

2008-2011 Movie website: www.enchantedtreehousemovie.com: 3,736 visits

2007-2011 Youtube site: www.youtube.com/natureartists: 80,820 views, 5,736 channel views

Featured on many blogs and websites.
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Still Life Painting