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Carlos Hyman

Freelance Drawer & Cartoonist

Location:United States
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I am a struggling sketch artist who want his artwork known throughtout the world, i hope one day to be realize as the artist you will hope to meet in the mere future. I started sketching at the age of 11 just simple cartoons as bugs bunny to the simpsons, as I got older I started to do landscaping and people a little off on the people but I read some books to improve my skills. At age 15 I printed out flyers to advertise my work but it didnt work out like I expected to. So I tried working with this guy name Michael Bennett doing artwork to put in waiting rooms and supermarkets, then the calls stop coming in and was flat broke. Believe it or not, I tried selling my sketches in my living room as a museum, people was not realizing my skills. I was online looking for jobs in art, and I stumble on and I saw all these artists struggling the way I used to, so I signed up and posted my work online and now I wait.

I draw anything from celebrities to anime, and hope you will like what you see.

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