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Kimberley Dixon

Freelance Editor & Press Release Writer

Location:Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
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Personal Attributes

¥ Highly motivated, team player,resourceful and proactive
¥ Achievement focused and goal orientated
¥ Professional, conscientious, creative and dedicated

Key Skill and Knowledge Base

Key Skills
Editing & Writing magazines: trade, consumer and company
Kimberley has edited many publications during her career in the communications industry and has an extensive network of contacts across Auckland and New Zealand.
¥ Public relations
¥ Media Planning
¥ Training

Key Knowledge Areas
¥ Communication strategy ? corporate, internal and external planning and implementation
¥ Media relations: NZ and Australia
¥ Media training
¥ Video production
¥ Speech writing
¥ Media planning
¥ Marketing strategy
¥ Marketing plans
¥ Publicity campaigns
¥ Magazine editing, proofreading
¥ Journalism: writing and commentary
¥ Consultancy advice for publishers
¥ Business administration
¥ Staff recruitment

Core Competencies

Project Management
¥ Track record in scoping projects and determining budget and time frames
¥ Ability to delegate tasks to appropriate team members to ensure maximum output
¥ Able to work a critical path to achieve results

Public Relations
¥ Proven experience in writing and issuing press releases
¥ Adept at media liaison & briefings
¥ Strong networking skills
¥ Strategic planning; crisis management, issues management

Communications Management
¥ Skills in policy development and writing
¥ Ability to reposition a company, its profile and culture
¥ Experience in enhancing a brand, logo and identity
¥ Able to plot communications calendar with corporate events to maximise public relations budget
¥ Experience producing annual reports, publications, brochures and marketing collateral

Strategic Communications Planning
¥ Experience in issues management, using elections, tailoring campaigns
¥ Ability to tailor strategic communication to global and economic trends
¥ Won four international awards for excellence in internal communications while at Fletcher Challenge Corporate Affairs

¥ Experience setting up committees to assess criteria for sponsorship deals and whether or not the sponsorship will reflect the bottom line for the company
¥ Aware of sponsorship availabilities who has the funds (if acting for a small business); or who will receive the funds (if acting for corporates)
¥ Experience liaising with key people with sponsorship funds available

Media Training
¥ Highly proficient in delivering presentations
¥ Ability to handle objections and accentuate the positive
¥ Successful track record in coaching key people in handling and liaising with the media
¥ Strong focus on clarity of speech and message
¥ Demonstrated talent for training CEO’s in responding to the media, tactics, and how to use the media to their advantage

Core Competencies continued

• Proven experience in publishing niche magazines
• Experience in the setting of budgets

• Experience managing relationships within advertising and media agencies

¥ Excellent skills in all aspects of editing publications: Setting objectives and achieving readership response
Enjoys writing snappy headings and working with publication designers to achieve great layouts.
¥ Edited numerous magazine titles such as Catering Hospitality Magazine, NZ Local Government, The Wedding Book and Setting Up Home, The Source (10 pen bowling), and Super Marketing . In house publications: Feltex News, Fisher & Paykel Customer News, Placemakers Today,(Long list available).
¥ Edited Fletcher Challenge News, a monthly newspaper distributed to 124 companies in the Fletcher Challenge Group; 36,000 circulation in South Pacific and North America, during the peak of FCL’s business.
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Press Release Writing