Dankha Zomaya

Freelance Sculptor & Artist

Location:skokie, Illinois, United States
Website: http://www.zomayaart.com
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Dankha Zomaya - Syria - 1960

1- Bachelor in fine arts – Department of Sculpture - Damascus University.
2- High studies diploma in fine arts - Damascus University.
3- Was the head of painting department at the Teachers' Preparation Institute in Al Hasaka cityfor three years.
4- Member in the Union of Syrian Plastic Artists.
5- Worked as a teacher of painting in Damascus at the Official Assistance School and Ahmat Hamet Djneid, from 1984 to 1986.
6- Worked as a teacher at the Center of Plastic Arts in Al Hasaka city in the early 90s.
- and a lecturer at the Faculty of Education - Euphrates University - Al Hasaka city.
7-Member in Skokie Art Guild.
8-Member in The International Sculpture Center (USA).
9-Member in International Association for Monumental Sculpture Events A.I.E.S.M.
Solo exhibitions at:
1- Ebla Gallery for Fine Arts - Aleppo 1990.
2- Cultural Center of Abu Rummana - Damascus 1991.
3- Cultural Center - Al Hasaka 1991 and 2001.
4- Roaming exhibition in different cities of Al Hasaka governorate in 1993.
5- Aram Gallery for Fine Arts - Damascus 1993, 1998 and 2004.
6- Al Kh anjee Gallery of Fine Arts - Aleppo 1999.
7-Damascus Gallery of fine arts – Damascus 2000.
8-Cultural Center-Al Hasaka 2001.
9- Aalbal Gallery - Damascus 2001 and 2005.
10- The Art Project Gallery - Canada, Ontario 2002.
11- The Arab Gathering for Painting and Plastics Art's Gallery - Canada, Montreal 2002.
12- Roaming exhibition in some cities of Sweden 2002.
13- UNESCO building - Lebanon, Beirut 2004.
14- Urmia, Iran 2004.
15-Cultural Center-Al Hasaka 2004.
16- Ishtar Gallery - Damascus 2005.
17- Gallery of the Syriac Archbishopric - Al Hasaka 2005.
18- Alpha Gallery of Fine Arts - Al Sweida 2007.
19-Troyan, Bulgaria 2007.
20- People's Gallery - Union of Syrian Artists - Damascus 2008.
21-Assyrian National Council of Illinois 2010.
Joint exhibitions:
1- Many of joint exhibitions sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Union of the Syrian Plastic Artists.
2- With Basheer Al Ansari at Aram Gallery of Fine Arts - Damascus 1992.
3- With Barsum Barsuma and Musa Malkeh at Aalbal Gallery - Damascus 2000.
4- With Totol Gathering for Plastic Arts - Al Raqqa 2005.
5- With Siham Mansur and Gheith Abdullah at the Russian Cultural Center - Damascus 2007.
6- With other artists at Skokie Art Library 2011.
Symposium, Seminar and Festivals:
1- Marmarita's 1st and 2nd festivals of art.
2- Sadad's 3rd festival in 2007.
3- Symposium of sculpture and ceramic - Troyan, Bulgaria 2007.
4- Houssien Al Baher Symposium - Tartus 2008.
5- Organized a painting exhibition for 10 well known syrian artist at the Cultural Center of Al Hasaka city 2009.
6- Sculpture symposium in Latakia, Syria 2009.
7-Edge Water Festival ,Chicago 2010.
- Many analytic seminars are held about his artistic researches and experiments in Al Hasaka, Damascus and Al Sweida.
- The sculptural works are done in different raw materials: stone, marble, wood, bronze, polyester, direct metal and other different materials in different scales.
- He was nominated for the Arab Elite award in 2006.
- The works are obtained inside and outside Syria as collections. In Syria by the Governorate of Damascus, the National Museum (New Art Gallery in Damascus), also by the Ministry of Culture and private collectors. And outside of Syria by the Galleries and exhibitions that were held in the previously mentioned countries.
- His new researches on sculpture were a point of interest of many researchers of Plastic Art and students of Fine Art faculties inside and outside Syria.

Dankha Zomaya was honored in:
1- Taha Taha Museum in Al Raqqa 1999.
2- Canada, Montreal 2002.
3- Syria, Al Hasaka 2007.
4- Syria, Al Qamishly 2007.
5- Syria, Houssien Al Baher 2008.

Website: www.zomayaart.com
Email: dankhazomaya@hotmail.com
Phone: 1-847-673-0658
Address: 4630 WASHINGTON ST 1W
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