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Renju Hu

Freelance Website Programmer & Database Programmer

Location:Rockville, Maryland, United States
2 Skills

M.S., Information Systems and Technology. Johns Hopkins University. 2005
Ph.D., Department of Biochemistry, Duke University Medical Center. 1994
M.A., Department of Biological Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara. 1985
B.S., Department of Biology, Tunghai University, Taiwan. 1984

Computer Technical Skills
Programming skills:
• ASP.Net Framework, Visual Studio C#, Visual Basic, WCF, AJAX, LINQ to SQL, Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML parsing, Unix shell script language, SQR reporting
• Web application and Window application development using object-oriented design such as NHibernate, LINQ to Entity
• Database management in SQL Server and Oracle database. Years of experiences with Store Procedure, PL/SQL, SQL, and Pro*C
• SAP ABAP programming language, SAP Business Intelligence architecture design.

Project management skills:
• Leading a development team in project management including project planning, work estimation, testing, implementation planning and documentation.
• Communication with customers to determine the task’s requirements, design development process and document project design.

Genome Data Analysis:
• Statistical analysis using R, SAS, and SPLUS packages.
• Develop bioinformatics tools using Perl and Java.
• Genome analysis using Blast, Sequencher, GCG, and BioPerl.

Language skills:

* Native in Chinese language. Excellent in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters
* Fluent in English language
* Excellent in teaching Chinese and translating between Chinese and English
* Wrote and published many first author scientific articles in major scientific journals

Working Experiences
Future Technologies Inc, Rockville, MD
Senior Software Engineer Jan. 2008-present
• Developed a window based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) using Visual Studio C# program and SQL Server database. This system was used to track customer’s laboratory processes and analyze forensic DNA matching.
• Developed web based LIMS systems using Visual Studio C# and SQL Server database. LINQ to SQL methodologies are used to access database from application. This system was used for several different purposes including Budgeting, Purchase Ordering, Forensic DNA Sample Status tracking, and Family Reference tracking.
• Maintained a laboratory data analysis system for customer analyzing experiment result.
• Collected user requirements, and documented and designed project requirements to meet CMMI requirement.

Professional Translator


* Taught simplified and traditional Chinese to English speakers
* Translated English to Chinese in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese for different companies
* Transcribed Chinese audio into Chinese and English text
* Translated church web page material between English and Chinese
* Proofread documentations

Nortel Networks, homebased
Developer 1999-2008
• Maintained Nortel Networks Human Resource Benefits system to make sure all processes were running smoothly. Java, JavaScript, PHP, Pro*C, Shell scripts and PL/SQL programming were used.
• Lead development team to develop Annual Enrollment Benefits application, including project planning, training developer, organizing development team and developing application according to Nortel requirement.
• Managed databases and web application using UNIX system and shell scripts.
• Developed SAP BW Reporting system. Involved in R/3 extractors maintenance, ABAP programming, and BW objects development.
• Maintained BW Reporting system to support Production BW reporting issues.
• Supported for HR application SOX compliance. Modified application according to SOX requirements.

Jackson and Tull, AED, Seabrook, MD
Software Engineer/DBA 1/1999-11/1999
• Maintained Microsoft Access database and its Visual Basic application to fulfill the daily requirements from Human Resources personnel. Visual Basic programming and Access database manipulation were used to accomplish user’s request.
• Installed and setup Oracle 8 on Window NT system and managed the networking of the database to other users.
• Migrated Access database to Oracle 8, including redesigning the database schema, data modeling, and transferring data from Access to Oracle 8 database using SQL Loader.
• Maintained Oracle database, including backup and recovery, export and import, and performance tuning.
• Developed and implemented new application for the database using Oracle form 5.0 and Report 3.0.

Biologist GS-12 9/1996-12/1998
• Created knock-out and transgenic mice and characterized phenotypes of mutants using standard molecular biology, cell biology, and immunochemical approaches.
• Created and maintained a mouse database.
• Developed bioinformatics tools for sequence analysis and data mining.
• Conducted statistic analysis of the data using statistic package such as R.

Johns Hopkins Medical School, MD
Postdoctoral fellow 5/1994-8/1996
• Conducted human genetics and medical research using standard molecular genetics, genomics, molecular biology, and cell biology approaches.
• Mapped human disease genes to human genome locus.
• Created and maintained a database to track positional cloning projects.
• Used and developed bioinformatics tools for sequence analysis.
• Conducted statistic analysis of the data using statistic package such as R.