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Kendra Kaye Coffey

Freelance Illustrator & Storyboarder

Location:Virginia, Illinois, United States
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I originally went to school at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago for Animation in 2005. I was accepted to college by the time I was 15 due to winning first place in an animation competition! As far as life took me, I ended up working for a restaurant doing their ads and fliers--- which is a good thing because it increased my technical ability in the Adobe Suite and my computer skills related to the arts.

As of recently I have delved head first back into my roots as an artist: illustration! My technical skills (and my joy in art) require my ability to physically hold a pen or brush. That's the reason I won an art competition in the first place.

I have had some of my art a part of a published book on the cover, spine, and back as well as some of the important internal pages such as the chapter pages.

Other highlights have included designing some story boards for an independent film and logos for a couple bands and a couple companies.

Technical skills:
-Mixed media
-Indian Ink
-Adobe Photoshop and All the rest of the suite such as Illustrator, Dreamwaver, Flash and InDesign
-Screentons and Deleter

-Also can work in both a PC and MAC environment
-In web design I can work in HTML, CSS, and Javascript/Jscript.

**Information on Payment**
Please note I am highly negotiable about rate because I know not all projects are created equal. I have a very WIDE, diverse skill set and my skills are at different levels for each kind of skill.
I am willing to work both per hour and flat rate. If the rate is per hour instead of flat rate I will quote you a price based upon how long I think the piece will take to complete. Either way I require 50% up front, either 50% of the quoted price, or the actual flat rate. I also require a freelancer's contract to protect both YOU and ME. It should state that this is a temp freelancing job and how much was given up front and what is due when I hand the work over. It should also wave any chance that I will own the work so once you pay for it you claim all copy-write. Even if you don't hire me, please require this of any artist. It will save you so much headache later!!
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