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I have been a freelance writer since 1980. Writing projects have included assessments, technical writing, annual reports, speeches, direct mail, newsletters, applications, RFPs, grants, video scripts, training manuals, and more, and have ranged from very technical writing to web content to general information. I started my own blog two years ago at The purpose of the blog is to provide “the information you need to build the organization you want.” features more than 550 articles that I’ve written on all aspects of how to run an effective organization including leadership, strategic planning, and process management.
I have written six books, collaborated on a seventh, and recently completed two biographies for prominent business leaders that are being revised before publication.
I wrote Enterprising Minnesotans, which tells the stories of Minnesota entrepreneurs from 1849 to the present who founded such companies as 3M, Target, Best Buy, Mayo Clinic, Cargill, and Medtronic. The book was nominated for the Minnesota Book Award in 2004, and a paperback version was published in late 2005.
My last published book, The Antidote, was ghostwritten for a consulting company that specializes in helping companies implement Lean. I interviewed the two authors as well as a number of clients to develop the content for the book, which was published in May 2006.
My other books, all published by John Wiley & Sons, explore the elements of well-run organizations. Invest in the Best, published in October 2000, advises investors on how to evaluate the quality of a company’s management system during their investment decision-making process. Total Quality Management: Strategies and Techniques Proven at Today’s Most Successful Companies, published by Wiley in 1994 with a second edition in 1998, was the “quality book” in its successful Portable MBA Series. More than 32,000 copies of the book have been sold. Uncommon Sense, published in 1997, explored current thinking about the basics of business excellence through the experiences of six world-class organizations and the work of leading management experts. The Baldrige Quality System: The Do-It-Yourself Way To Transform Your Business, published in 1992, was hailed by quality expert J.M. Juran as “the definitive book on the Baldrige Award.”
I have also written corporate histories for RBC Dain Rauscher and Pella Corporation. The histories involved interviewing subject matter experts at the companies, conducting research using the companies’ archives, and finding information from external sources such as historical societies and newspapers.
I provide proofreading and copy editing services for all types of writing. Clients include businesses such as UnitedHealthcare and individuals such as Larry Johnson, for whom I edited and proofread two book manuscripts.
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