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Location:Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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-My name is Alison Best and I am applying to help you with your very interesting project. I have
20yrs experience teaching and supplementing my income through almost every aspect of writing. I am currently deferring my Ph.D because the scholarship ran out before my final draft, and knowing alot about writing and very little about technology I am using my break doing my favourite things- writing and editing. In fact I recently finished ghostwriting a first draft of a book for an ex-criminal who had a very interesting tale to tell (I am sure he will give me a reference), so you can imagine how excited I was to read your brief; all my favourite things and I shake my head and can't beleive I get paid to do what I love-writing and editing
.I am available on line and by phone 24/7 and am used to dealing with other people's material. My prices are very negotiable, as is the method of payment. We would have to work closely together because it sounds as though you have nothing on paper. Do me (and yourself) a favour: Just type in as many or as few words about what you want to say, how long you would like it to be and lots of boring details like that and send it to whoever you choose for the project.. Luckily your topic sounds most exciting and I hope to have the opportunity for my company and me ( to be a part of it. We normally charge .02c p.w, but we are open , as I have mentioned, to negotiate a deal which pleases us both. I hope to hear from you.
yours faithfully,
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Business Card Design