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Freelance Creative Writer & Script Writer

Location:Keller, Texas, United States
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Well I am going to be upfront and honest about all my skills here as well as some details about myself. I have a BA degree in Communications with a concentration in Radio and Television broadcasting. I have also been employed at the following places: Walt Disney World, WLVI-TV (WB56) Boston, 91.5 WMLN radio station, and two fortune 500 companies as well. All those places will tell you I am a very hard worker. I also do like to write and currently working on multiple projects. I do have a full time job but if I am able to assist with something you want done for a nominal fee I will be happy to see what I can to do help. Let me explain my skills.


Creative writing- I dabble in this. I have a very artistic mindset. I have a very powerful imagination that ranges from happy thoughts to dark and sinister ones (trust me though I am a good guy) your focus is whatever you please and how far you want to take this story I can help.

Scriptwriting- I am currently working on FORTY scripts none of which are prequels, reboots, based on TV shows, all are very original. They are in the beginning stages but wouldn’t mind working on someone for collaboration if the product is good.

Speech Writing- Everyone I have worked with says I am pretty charismatic mainly because of my enticing charm and verbal magic. You get nervous when you speak? Stage fright? I think I can help with all that.

Resume writing- Little secret about me. I have had multiple professional jobs (which I am still employed FYI). Mainly because of my resume. I can give you a few pointers about yours to try to make you top notch in your interviewer’s eyes. I also have good interview skills.

Song Writing-I dabble really. I know some songs that rhyme might sound cool, but I cannot write sheet music

Administrative positions

Staffing and Recruiting- Do you have too many meetings? Have a lot of projects to work on? Can’t seem to find that one person who you think can take your company into the future? Well this is where I can come in. You just tell me what you are looking for in a candidate, and I can help you find that person. I ask the hard questions I get right down to all the details and I will weed out whatever potential weak link that dares has the audacity to try and slow your corporation down.

Quality Assurance- This is one of my all time favorite jobs I EVER had. I loved it! Nothing makes you feel better about figuring out what is wrong or what needs to be improved to help your business or even your employees. My experience as a Walt Disney World employee and my experience as an analyst is invaluable too. Side note I was the first person in the history of one of my previous employers company to be promoted to a Sr. Quality Assurance analyst…a position created just for me =).

Radio Work

Voiceovers: Need an accent? Need a booming voice? Need a sweet Cajun charming man to promote something? This is what I believe I was created for. I understand the importance of articulation and speaking at a moderate level so all your listeners can clearly understand what is being said/promoted.

Well if you want better bang for your buck let me know. Contact me via e-mail and explain what kind of job you want. I am your personal mercenary. Please advise though before I take any project/job I must make sure I am available for it and payment must be discussed. I like to believe a. you get more than you pay for, and b. it is fair. I will try to respond to all details in a 2 business day timeframe. Don’t be afraid to ask for additional things too maybe I can do something I haven’t listed here that you need as well.

Hope to hear from you

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