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Location:Modesto, California, United States
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I have been writing in various capacities since I was eight years old. I started with journaling, which begat children’s books, plays, and skits. In High School I finally became published with prose, lyrics, and poems. I was also the Editor of both my H.S. and College Student Newspapers. I contributed to our local newspaper “The Modesto Bee” with about 15 articles published. I also served as a Visiting Editor for that same newspaper in 2008. I have had an abundant amount of Blogging experience, including my daily updated Livejournal from 2000-2005. I also consult as a Music and Arts expert who has published several programs, interviews, reviews, and fluff pieces for various events and entertainment related businesses in Modesto, CA.

I have written two novels, twelve plays, fourteen short stories, and literally over 1,000 prose pieces and fragments. I have ghostwritten for many students in the form of reports, thesis editing, and more. I have been published in “zines” and online “webzines” over the last ten years.

I type about 80 WPM and can generate content on various subject matter with little notice. I only recently discovered, so I hope to generate some leads and network my experience and specs to perhaps find a long term assignment, or enough ongoing leads to be gainfully employed.

--------------------------------my bio 2.0--------------------------------------

H. Anastasia Rego
Modesto, CA 95355

I am currently working towards my degree in Multimedia Communications. I have taken extensive courses in journalism, radio production, general cinematography, political science, psychology, history, and art. I have worked in promotions, marketing, management, and creative consultant to musicians and artists on my record label, A Girl Hurts (est. 1999). I have helped local musicians release their records as limited editions, with a non-censorship policy. After over 25 releases, the label is on hiatus.

Also worked as a promoter and booking agent for several local clubs/venues from 1996-2008. Was responsible for planning, booking, hosting, promotions, and stage management for over 600 live music events featuring over 1,000 groups from all over the country and international acts, as well.
I have experience in graphic design, photography, reviewing music and concerts, designing packaging and flyers, and delegating responsibility to a team of five people.
I wrote in my online journal at from 1999-2006. I kept a website that revolved around the local Northern California music scene for several years, and now have most of that content housed in archieves at Myspace.Com and, where I have an account for personal use and one for professional use.
I developed and created the Central Valley Independent Music Festival in 2002, and was responsible for hosting 50+ bands at venues in Merced, Modesto, Ceres, Stockton, and other areas for the five years it was produced. I was also involved with selling advertsing, contracting entertainment and venues, publicity, promotions, and designing the annual program that was distributed to 1,000 local music fans during each festival.

I was the host of a radio program at Stanislaus State University in Turlock, CA called "The Music Virus." I was responsible for reading ads on air, programming, running the board, and providing the voice to listeners.

I released my own record after several years with my band, The Autis Toole, on my label, in Jan 2008. I have performed under that name, as well as other groups, since 1998, over 100 times.

I have been published in the local paper as a writer in the Teens In The Newsroom Program in 1992-93, which published seven articles, including "Thrift Store Shopping", "Rave Culture", and "Unique Not Different". I was editor of my high school newspaper in my senior year, and my first year of college was appointed editor of the campus newspaper "Pirate's Log." I have extensive articles and photos published in all three publications. I later returned to the Modesto Bee as a Visiting Editor in Fall of 2008. I have had several opinion pieces published in regards to local issues.

My work history includes:

Democratic HQ - worked as a coordinator for the volunteer phone bank workers, registered voters, and sucessfully campaigned for the Dennis Cardoza, Gary Condit, Bill Clinton Co-ordinated Campaign in 1996.
I was the Assistant Manager at the retail outlet "Hot Topic" from 1999-2000
I worked with runaway youth as an advocate and overnight shelter moniter in Portland, Or. in 1999
I worked at several fast food establishments, including Burger King, Taco Bell, Am/Pm, Round Table Pizza, Pizza Hut, etc.
I have also worked at a level 13 group home for emotionally disturbed adolecents.
I worked as a Creative Chat Operator in San Fransico from 1996-1999.
I worked at a retail adult video store in 2000.
I worked as a bartender/promoter/manager at two clubs- The Dirty Duck in Modesto, CA from 1999-2001, and The Mustang Bar in Modesto, CA from 2002-2007.

I have worked as a freelance writer and marketing development consultant for several years. Based on my varied work experience, I have been asked to write for several types of publications. I am currently working at a reduced rate in order to build my portfolio. I look forward to working with, and networking with, new publicists, writers, organizations, publications, and agents.

My personal works:

I have written and am having illustrated a 30 page children's book entitled "Sebastian and his Androids."

I have developed several non-profit and self-help manuals/journals/projects that are geared towards the empowerment and education of young women from disenfrancised populations.
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