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Jay Ab

Freelance Song Writer & Music Producer

Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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I'm a song writer/artist that enjoys creating original songs. My arsenal of musical tools... in the past 8+ years of writing music I have put together methods of composing pop/rap/hiphop/randb/dub/house music. These methods include many variations of repeated base/root notes to compose variations of melodies and harmonies. These can be used in any key and major/minor/harmonic/diminished structures. Also I have found the most effective way to present a song with structure. How a song is put together will determine how powerful the song will be. What you are trying to express to the crowd in the most effective way is the name of the game when writing songs.

I have been in 5 bands, performed infront of thousands, recorded multiple demos, have 10,000 plus hours to my resume that has been expressed through playing bass, guitar, piano, and most importantly singing.

I have more riffs/melodies/and songs to my name that I know what to do with, so I am now interested in sharing some of my journey with someone who needs help with writing a song/coming up with melodies/ structuring songs/ or just an over all critic that will only give constructive criticism.
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