Erin Shelly

Freelance Proofreader & Editor

Location:Michigan, United States
2 Skills
Dependable, friendly, enthusiastic, confident, and solution-oriented – self-starter possessing exceptional reading, writing, comprehension, and communication skills, as well as a highly developed eye for details, an outstanding work ethic, and the ability to work well under pressure and with strict deadlines. Passion for and extensive experience with reading, editing, and writing.

-English and Word Comprehension
-Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation
-Oral and Written Communication Skills
-Problem Solving
-Organizational Skills
-Critical Thinking

-LP Code
-Website Design and Construction
-Theater and Vocal


Proofreader/Editor - June, 2010-Present
Offer review, proofreading, and editorial assistance to fellow college students for assignments, essays, and research papers. English composition is my strongest subject.

Tutor - June, 2010-Present
Offer tutoring to high school and fellow college students in subjects including English, Grammar, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Composition, Communication and Speaking, History, Basic and Pre-College Math.

3+ years MUD concept design and code-writing, 5+ years personal and business website construction, 10 years theater background, lifelong interest and activities with various forms of visual art.


Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, MI - 2011-2014
Working on Bachelors in Anthropology (to attain Masters in Ecological Anthropology)
Current studies include Anthropology, Archeology, Social Problems, Advanced Writing
GPA 3.80

West Shore Community College, Ludington, MI - 2010-2011
General studies, including Writing, Psychology, Philosophy, Communication, History, Music, Business, Criminal Justice System
GPA 3.11


I am currently attending Grand Rapids Community college at the sophomore level to attain an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, to be further applied to a graduate degree in Ecological Anthropology. Focus of studies is on historical and current cultural aspects and influences, and their relationship to the natural world and environment. My career aspirations are employment with a government, museum, or non-profit organization working on the design and implementation of sustainable and pro-active ecological and environmental systems, and the collaboration and cooperation with those for whom these systems will be utilized. The protection and restoration of the natural environment, its eco-systems, and its inhabitants (animal and human), is the driving force in my life.


I work with and promote recycling programs within my community and conduct general neighborhood litter-control, as well as participate in Wild Watch, a national program gathering data on local flora activity, fauna behavior, and weather patterns. Additionally, I volunteer at a local animal rescue organization, administering medicine, cleaning, answering phones, operating the front desk, and conducting follow-up interviews with adopters. I am also involved in a number of online animal-advocacy endeavors. Future plans for volunteer activities include clean-up, maintenance, and visitor-services and education at the local nature conservancy, and participation in pet therapy services for the ill and disabled. I will also be volunteering at the local yearly art exhibition and competition in the fall.


Reading, Writing, Graphic Design and Website Construction, Computer Game Coding, Theater, Instrumental Music Study, Drawing, Painting, Sewing, Knitting, Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking, Soap- and Lotion-Making, Racquetball, Yoga
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