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Reynaldo J. Andrada

Freelance Comic Artist & Book Illustrator

Location:Quezon City, Quezon City, Philippines
Phone: +63-09186616318
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Hired by KFUPM as Illustrator on Oct. 7, 1987 for their English Books Projects under the STUDENTS AFFAIRS DIVISION. As an illustrator, I was responsible for the illustrations of 10 volumes of English Textsbooks with the corresponding posters which is currently in use in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Intermediate & Secondary School level respectively. While on this projects my tasks is not only limited to illustrations — my American Editor realized that I have to be a computer literate so he exposed me to Mac computer and Windows
with the Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator on it. Within three years the project is done so the university administrations reassigned me to the University Printing Press thus exposing me to a more profitable experienced. Moving to the KFUPM Press means more jobs exposing to different phases of assignments and softwares. Designing more Posters, Books Covers and Texts, Flyers (three fold, four fold, etc), Phamplets, Calling Cards, Invitation Cards, etc. were my daily routine, aside from preparing montage, editing typsetted materials, color separations, (4 color, 3 color, 2 color and single color) before feeding it to tthe Image Setter for the final run. My forte which is figure Drawing combined with my knowledge of computer were proven to be extremely effective for the various job requests of the KFUPM University.
Reason for leaving, resigned
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Comic Art
Book Illustration