Freelance Video Editor & Music Producer

Location:Garden Grove, California, United States
2 Skills
Goward D Horton II 5057 Inaglen Way, C.A,. 90043 (323) 299-1881 Objective:
To obtain an Entertainment and/or a Technical Multimedia Intern/ Position
To get an A.A. Degree in Liberal Arts, and an B.A. Degree in Biblical Studies, with a Minor in Multimedia studies. To become a minister, and to use my multimedia/ technical skills/ experience to help and inspire others. Education: High School Graduate
Crenshaw High School Graduated 1999

Continuing College Credits West L.A. College/L.A.C.C.Ð (presently taking General Education and Multimedia courses)-- Goal A.A. Degree Vanguard University in Costa Mesa returning student, Goal B.A. Degree (Biblical Studies) Trade Schools:
West Angeles Bible College (local accredited satellite courses for Vanguard University).
ABCO school of Technologies Web Design/ multimedia training (Course work includes: H.T.M.L., Adobe Photoshop, Flash) Urban League Training Center (Office Skills) Technical/ Computer Skills:
Type: 40 WPM (P.C.)
Adobe Premiere (P.C.) Microsoft Word (P.C.) Microsoft Power Point (P.C.) Internet Explorer (P.C.) Frooty Loops (P.C.) Final Cut Pro (Mac)
I Movie 3,4,5 (Mac)
Guitar Garage (Mac) Motion 2
Sound Track Pro (introductory level)
Technical Camera Operator:
Mini DV Digital Video Camera (Professional and Consumer Quality) Analog Video Camera (Broadcast and Consumer Quality) Film Super 8 mm (also editing) TD Technical Director (Switcher operator)
Note: I have personal access to Panasonic 24 P Digital Broadcast Quality Camera, and a G5 Apple Computer, with Final Cut Pro. I also have access to Adobe Premiere and additional Prosumer Digital Cameras for the use of projects/ work.

Domestic Jobs Experience:
Cafeteria work (cleaning tables/dish cleaning) Vanguard University, Cash Register Work/stocking—Family Christian Stores, Data Entry Clerk—TBN

Fork Lift
Security Guard Card

Production Experiences Include: Internships, temporary paid positions, and volunteer experience: in the following areas--Producer, Director, Assist Director, Camera Operator, Grip, Boom, Editor, P.A. assistant: and also as a Singer, Assistant Choir Director, Dancer, Actor, Host/ Interviewer on stage and on Broadcast Television / Independent Films, Cable T.V., Radio and various professional Recordings/ CDs. I have some experience in sales, and assisting, with children, and political candidates. Ministry—Full-Time
Music Ministry
Youth Ministry

Special honors: Various Community, Church, and International awards of service:
Places of international service, and international performances include: Europe, Asia, & The U.S.AÉ
Special Courses or Honors/ Award of Merit:
President of the Christian Club--Crenshaw High School (Homecoming rep. for the Christian Club, rode on float.)
President of the Christian Club West L.A.Merit Award of excellent leadership. The Young Saints Excellent Service award ! Won Two Olympics Gold Medals (with the Crenshaw Elite Choir) --In Buson Korea for the Choir Olympics (Ray Charles sponsored trip.) Note: I am a recognized LAUSD Mentor/ Supervisor/Music educational assist. For The Crenshaw High School Chorus (a world famous and award winning choir-The Movie Sister Act II was based ÒThe ChoirÓ and itÕs director Iris Stevenson).

________________________________________________________________________ Note: See also production experience above, and available equipment for production jobs. In addition, I have done camera work for various churches, special events, weddings etc. We have covered award shows and news entertainment shows such as ÒThe Lady of Soul Awards AnnuallyÓ. Commercials, and music videos. I taken classes at L.A.C.C. in film, television, and multimedia computer classes (Production classes). Stage Production Experience: I have participated in different Stage Production. Including the Musical--Once upon this, Island, (Saint Bernard's High School--As a featured dancer, singer, actor. At Vangaurd University, played in The Shakespeare play a midsummer Nights Dream, in which I played Flute and Thisby. In College I auditioned and scored a lead parts in the shake spear play A Midsummer Nights Dream. In it's Christmas Scrooge-- An Adaptation by Carolyn Owens-Horton. A remake of the Timeless classic Scrooge-- I played a lead roles as an ÒAngel of the PastÓ, and as Scrooge as a young man of the past. In addition I have additional onstage and behind the scenes credits, not listed.
Music Experience: I have been on tour with different choirs, Including--
The, Crenshaw High School Elite Choir, and theVanguard University concert choir. Under the direction of Professor Iris Stevenson (at Crenshaw High School)-- I have gained many opportunities: Annually such as touring(Musically Through Out) France and In Monaco also Switzerland, Spain, The Alps & Canada some time bi annually. Once while in Europe, for example, we had 30 days to traval 31 areas, including many cathedrals, such as the Cathedral where Princess Grace is buried. We were also in Japan and Korea for two weeks touring various locations, from large packed out concert & areas to schools. I have had classical training & have performed in that touring. I am apart of the NANM (The national Association of Negro Musicians). I have been an all around Performer with these two Variety Groups The Young American', and the Young Saints. In the Young Saints I was also an organizer of community festivals, I performed in them and was also a grip. I was with the Crenshaw High school elite choir from 1997 to 2005 (returning on request as an alumni Educational Assist) In numerous shows and music Videos we sang, with or behind such stars as, Steve Wonder, Pebo Bryson, Gloria Estefan, Christopher Reaves, Queen Latifa, Meredith Brooks, and many more. I write music, and plays & movies. In addition, to being a Soloist/ dancer/ Performer sang four different ranges, but I predomantly sing tenor. Coordinator in area of equip. Production experience: Under the Direction of Professor Iris Stevenson (at Crenshaw High School)-- I have gained many opportunities: such as touring France and Monaco (musically) in 30 days to 31 areas, including many cathedrals, such as the Cathedral where Princess Graceis buried. In addition. We have performed for various television. radio, studio recordings, communityevents, and live engagements, both nationally and internationally. We have performed with and/ or in the presence of: Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, the DoobieBothers, Christopher Reeves, Don Mischer. JerryeNorman, Michael Douglas, Lamont Dozier, Michael Bolton, Peabo Bryson, Phoebe Snow, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, Shirley Caesar, Quincy Jones, Vice President Gore and more.With Carolyn Owens-Horton Productions. I gained experience in film and television production as a Production Assistant ext.. Skills and Abilities: Hard Worker, People person, I am able lead ,as well as follow leadership

Industrial Experience: Forklift license—beginning experience.
Miscellaneous-- Hobbies: I play videogames, walk my dog, go to the movies, and run. Note: they used to call me sonic.
Licenses: I have an security guard card, and Fork Lift license.
Work Experience:
Work Experience: (Paid Volunteer) Company Name: The Young Saints Dates Worked: June 6, 1999 Job Title: Telecommunication, stage productions, Intern Description of Duties:
Singing, Dancing, Stage production, Grip work, Camera Operator, Bizarre planning, P.A., Project Coordinator, Community Liaison.
Work Experience (Security)

Work Experience (Paid Volunteer): Martian Ludlow (For City Council) March 2003 Vote Acquirer (Walker) Description of Duties:
I Called voters to see if they were willing to vote for the
Candidate. Secondly, I personally walked with, and without the candidate on his precinct route, and assisted him where needed. Temporary Position Poll Election Inspector (Election job)
Work Experience (Intern) LINDA TOFT Gubernatorial Candidate Job Title: Community Advisor/ Personal Campaign Assistant
Description of duties:
Flyers (Handout), Community Relations Director. I helped recruit volunteers, was a liaison between Linda Toth Community organizations, and Churches. I also assisted her during personal appearances. Temporary Position Work Experience (Paid)
Vanguard University Cafeteria 9/00
Job Title: Waiter Description of duties: Wipe tables, Clean Floors, Wash dishes, Replace food Job ended-- at end of school year
Work experience (Paid Volunteer):
Coh Coh Productions Co-chair/ Assistant producer Description of Duties: We provide services for various projects, and productions. Producing, Assistant Producing, Directing, Assistant Directing, Camera Operator, Grip, Editor, Assist Editor, Boom Operator, Interviewer/ host, writer, and / or performer. Work experience (Stipend) Second Baptist Church

Work experience (Paid) Data Entry Clerk TBN (714) 665-3677 Sally Hudson

Reference Numbers: Name 1: Carolyn Owens-Horton Title: Children's choir director
Company Name: Second Baptist children's choir.
Work address: 2412 Griffith Ave. Work number: (323) 299-1825 Name 2: Gordon Pierce Title: Pianist Company Name: Second Baptist Church
Work address: 2412 Griffith Ave, Los Angeles, C.A., 90011
Work number: 1 (323) 702-3329 Number 3: Iris Stevenson Title: International Director of Music, choir director. Company Name: Crenshaw choir
Work address: 5010 11th Ave, Los Angeles, C.A., 90043
Work number: 213 369-4232 cell Reference: 4 Name: Oscar Owens Jr. Work address: West Angeles Church of God in Christ 3600 Crenshaw Blvd, L.A., C.A., 90016
Work number: (323) 733-8300 x2257
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Video Editing
Music Production