Stephanie Kaufmann

Freelance Spanish Translator & Translator

Location:Springfield, Illinois, United States
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I studied Translation at Universidad Tecnológica Americana in Mexico City. I am a native Spanish speaker and my fluent American English comes as a result of my two-year-period living in the United States. I am a permanent resident which I consider one of my strongest qualities since I have a close connection to the English and Spanish cultures.
Even though I do not have much professional experience, these years in the US helped me improve my English language skills and allowed me to get immersed in the American culture which, at the end, is what a translator always looks for in the professional field.


Spanish – Mother tongue level
English – Professionally fluent
French - Basic


Bachelor’s Degree in Translation
Universidad Tecnológica Americana
Address: Viaducto Miguel Alemán No. 255
Col. Roma Sur, Delegación Cuauhtémoc
C.P. 06760 México City, Mexico.

High School Diploma
Escuela Nacional Preparatoria Plantel No. 4
(belonging to the National Autonomous University of Mexico)
Address: Av. Observatorio no.170, esquina General Plata.
Col. Observatorio. Delegacion Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11860.
México City, Mexico

Kumon (Math Program)
Level L
Noche de Paz 14, local 27, Col. Navidad Cuajimalpa,
Mexico City, Mexico


Scholarship awarded by Secretary of Public Education for Academic Excellence. (2006-2009)

Scholarship awarded by Universidad Tecnologica Americana for Academic Excellence. (2005-2009)


Freelance Translator
Description: I have translated several audio files for this company. They send me the audio (in Spanish) and my job is to translate and send the transcription in English. After a couple of translations that I did for them, they asked me to help them reviewing other files translated by different people.
Address: 119 W Pender St. Suite 316 Vancouver, BC.
Project Manager: Leonie Markhorst

Instructor Description: I was enrolled in the math program and one of the few students with a higher level (level L) than the instructors they had at that time. I was offered the job to guide and help the other students taking the highest math level. My job was to instruct them, grade their homework and answer all the questions or concerns they had.
Address: Noche de Paz 14, local 27, Col. Navidad Cuajimalpa,
Mexico City, Mexico. Supervisor: Mireya Obregón Ruiz
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Spanish Translation