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Amy Becherer

Freelance Real Life Painter & Creative Writer

Location:Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
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Having just exited my second unsuccessful marriage, I am looking toward the
horizon with trepidation and exhilaration at the prospect of living
authentically, by my own rules, for the first time in my life. I feel reborn, the
daunting unknown ahead, coupled with the experience of 50 plus years behind me,
amounts to a life under construction. Like my oil paintings, a blank canvas,
comes to life with each stroke of the brush. The background of my canvas is
already created, colored by the years, but the details, the heart of the
painting, are yet to be determined by the choices I make.

I am a self-taught oil painter and have sold several paintings without promotion, but rather through several occasions where my work was simply seen. I would describe my work as realism with elements of background impressionism.

Roughly one-week following the finalization of my divorce, I was laid off due to the economy after thirteen-years at the workplace. I began honing my creative writing skills through publications at and have since been writing general articles for an online writing enterprise. What I initially perceived as a crushing blow, has allowed me the time and motivation to explore where my passion lies in artistic endeavors.