Nathan Skinner

Freelance Chemical Engineer & Material Engineer

Location:United States
Phone: 805-202-6446
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Nathan Skinner

Position Desired

Scientist / Chemist, Applied Research and Development / Process Engineering

Industrial Experience, Research and Development

Consulting Scientist / Engineer – REACTS III, Goleta, CA (2005 - Present)
• Environmental – efficient heat transfer, easily degraded batteries, detoxifying hazardous waste
• Molecular engineering – increasing recombination rate, carriers for inserting new genes
• Water purification – community, military, and private, - safe good tasting water, anywhere
• Sporting goods items – surfboarding, skateboarding, rock climbing

Scientist – Photon Imaging, Northridge, CA (2001-2005)
• Developed Processes and equipment for large, uniform, polycrystalline, mercuric iodide films
• In charge of laboratory to produce ultra-pure, carbon-free mercuric iodide
• Invented – barrier film pre-seeding for uniform growth of mercuric iodide on these films
• Process for growth of mercuric iodide on curved surfaces, for anti-coincidence shielding

Consulting Chemist / Engineer – Nathan Skinner, Carpinteria, CA (1997-2001)
• Developed – faster, long storage life, water purifiers for safe, good tasting, drinking water
• Education aids – demo & hands-on experiments for preschool, high school & adults
• Developed – more than a dozen camping supplies and sporting goods

Technical Director ¬– Advanced Detectors; Santa Barbara, CA (1991-1997)
• Invented, designed, and built special equipment, and related processes for HgI2
• Directed operations in HgI2 purification, synthesis, and crystal growth laboratories
• Synthesized ultra pure HgI2, with no detectable carbon (previously believed impossible)
• Invented, and designed new single crystal, seeding, doping, and growth, furnaces

Scientist III – EG&G EM; Goleta, CA (1976-1991)
• Developed processes and equipment needed to produce ultra pure mercuric iodide
• Invented new furnaces and seeding processes, and grew large single crystals of HgI2
• Inventions for NASA’s successful SL-3, VCG Experiment, Ground Control Gold Shift leader
• Patented direct vapor-solid synthesis. Better purity & control. Assigned to US DOE
• Invented process that decontaminated lab waste water allowing sewer disposal

Engineer – Santa Barbara Research Center, Goleta, CA (1970-1976)
• Invented process and grew usable In.65Ga.35Sb1.0 crystals. (Previously considered impossible)
• Patented process for 15-9s InSb, doubled yield, cut costs 50%, new products, increased sales
• Quickly completed old “impossible” projects, LHe tests-75% time cut, & Irtran-Dumet seal, etc

Engineer – Hughes Research Laboratories, Malibu, CA (1967-1970)
• Perfected equipment and processes for open tube vapor epitaxial growth of GaAs
• Perfected substrate preparation processes and techniques for this epitaxial growth
• Experiments to establish GaAs doping levels and grew thick N & P doped epitaxial films

Lab Supervisor – Sahagan Industries, Huntington Beach, CA (1962-1967)
• Pioneered open tube, multi-layer P/N, vapor epitaxial gallium arsenide (GaAs)
• Zone-refined GaAs for higher purity, grew 100gm single crystals
• Supervised the Crystal Growth, Diffusion, Photolithography, and Evaporation Labs

Lab Technician – Crys-Tech, Tustin, CA (1960-1962)
• Grew the world’s 1st 100+ gm single crystals of GaAs, and of InAs
• Engineered, and fabricated the mold, cast the first hollow GaAs hemisphere IR window
• Designed crystal growth furnaces, thermal controls’ sensitivity increased 1 order of magnitude

Lab Technician – Hughes Semiconductor, Newport Beach, CA (1959-1960)
• Developed new specific purpose laboratory process equipment

Lab Technician – Narmco, Costa Mesa, CA (1956-1959)
• Invented new adhesive that out performed the “Theoretical Adhesive” and Eastman 910

Awards and Acknowledgments

• Letter of commendation from NASA for the success of the VCG Experiment, 1985
• Scientist preferred for experiment updates, chosen by Media covering Spacelab 3, 1985
• Ground Control, Gold Shift Lead on Spacelab 3, VCG Experiment, 1985
• Re-engineered entire growth furnace for NASA’s successful Spacelab 3, VCG Experiment
• Invented-developed SexWax in 1970, in 6 years it outsold all other surfboard waxes combined
• REACTS is based on volunteer science demos & hands-on activities with schools since 1972
• Developed science demonstration & hands-on experiments for educational outreach 1972 to -
• Founded “REACTS”- Rediscovery Educational Activities Create Tomorrow’s Scientists, 1990
• Santa Barbara Industry Education Council Award for REACTS activities, 1990
• Parade Magazine published an article on REACTS activities on April 14, 1991
• CNN & Discovery filmed-aired REACTS demos and hands-on activities in May & June 1991
• Listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who in the West, 1994 - 1997
• Listed in American Men and Women of Science, 2003 – 2010

• Developed Non-toxic pseudo pheromone pest control, Sumus, Goleta, CA., 1983
• Invented SexWax, worlds most popular surfboard wax, SexWax, Carpinteria, CA, 1970
• Invented and developed disinfectant iodine solution unable to leach through PE bottles, 1987

• Process for Removing Impurities from Zone-Refined Materials. U.S. Pat. # 3,909,246
• Welding Apparatus. U.S. Pat. # 4,315,732
• Direct Vapor/Solid Synthesis of HgI2 Using Compounds of I and Hg. U.S. Pat. # 4,966,763
• Method for the Growth of Single Crystals of the Semiconductor Alloy InSb-GaSb, applied…

Selected Publications
1. Hartsough, Neal E.; Iwanczyk, Jan S.; Skinner, Nathan; Franks, Larry A.; Patt, Bradley E.; Szawlowski, Marek, “Mercuric iodide polycrystalline films on cylindrical substrates,” Proceedings of the SPIE, vol. 5541, pp. 115-125, 2004.

2. N. E. Hartsough, J. S. Iwanczyk, B. E. Patt, and N. L. Skinner, “Imaging performance of mercuric iodide polycrystalline films,” IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci., 2003.

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