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Location:Pryor, Oklahoma, United States
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I have 20+ years of transcription experience in all areas, including life flight, transplant surgery,

Oncology research clinic and pharmacology, as well as Psychiatry documents from clinic to court

documentation. I have also worked on Speech Recognition, transcription, editing, QA, and training.

I started in transcription then moved to editor, and was chosen to assist in the creation of a new

nationwide mentor program. As one of four editors, along with an operations manager and business

manager, we defined our goals, crafted the parameters of the program, and hand-picked a variety of MTs

(recent graduates, new hires with experience, QA issues, and foreign-born MTs). Using Excel we crafted

a training program, setting goals for each mentee, tracking work volume, QA, identifying individual

issues and assisting the MT with personal goal-setting and cultivation of tools to assist them in

reaching their personal goals, as well as bringing the MTs metrics in line with other team members.

With access to the Training Departments tools, as well as complete access to the employee website and

Centra, I was able to assign additional training, add information to the company/team websites, or

craft a program through Centra, as needed, to assist the

Throughout this time period, I also gathered the many reporting forms used by the various branches of

the company, and combined, condensed, deleted, or recreated the forms used, as they pertained to MT

progress and training reports used by Supervisors post-training. Spreadsheets directly pertaining to

MT progress report tracking, as well as spreadsheets used for individual progress and weekly meetings,

were constantly undergoing adjustments and addition as well. Once the length of the program was

determined and final reports on the initial group of mentees was reported, the mentor program was given

the green light for initialization. Our duties shifted to creating the mentor department. Our main

considerations were how many mentors do we hire (qualifications and payroll were obviously not part of

our duties, however, I was responsible at a later point, for creating the job description that was

posted in the careers section of the website). We
defined the scope of the new mentor duties with regard to number and type of MTs. We also fine-tuned

the reporting process, adding and subtracting spreadsheets, quality reports, and progress reports to

the MT and the MTs supervisor, the Mentor Program supervisor, and the board of directors. Once this

was completed, we then defined and implemented the training program for new mentors; compiling initial

training videos and materials, as well as guidelines for the mentors to use in their new positions.

Because of my position, while I was folded into the Mentor Program, I was also privileged to have a

fair amount of autonomy with regard to the disposition of mentees in my charge. I also created and

maintained the team metrics on a weekly and monthly basis, performing and monitoring QA, account

status, programs each were certified in, and based on these reports I pulled the MT into the mentor

program, assigned them extra educational training via supervisor access to training website, assigned

courses to assist MTs in elevating experience level or additional training on other platforms to allow

account diversity, and monitored time on platform versus line output. The spreadsheet that I created

allowed the team supervisor to see the status of each MT on our team (60-100 MTs) at a single glance.

This also encompassed the editors on our team, and their status. Because I had more experience than

average and my participation in the mentor program
creation, I assisted our team supervisor in many day-to-day operations. These included but were not

limited to: Pulling documents that were questioned by a facility and following through with resolution

and contact with said facility, monitoring STATs and TAT and assigning work where necessary, covered as

supervisor on duty on weekends, monitoring TAT and STATs, filling in when supervisor was out sick or

travelling, etc. I was responsible for training weekend supervisors on software and assigning access

and password privileges, and function of weekend supervisor. I also trained MTs on new software.

The structure of this company was set up so that the Operations Manager oversaw 3-6 Operations

Supervisors. Each Supervisor had 60-100 MTs/editors. There was a Mentor assigned to the Supervisors

with larger teams, but at the very least there was 1 Mentor to Manager. Initially, I functioned as

Mentor to the 3 Supervisors assigned to our Manager (these 3 functioned as a unit with respect to

account handling. The Manager had another set of 3 supervisors assigned as well, to one of the

company’s largest accounts on another software platform). This meant that there were 180-300 MTs at

any given time needed to be peripherally monitored. I was also required to set and carry out a project

every quarter. One project proposal regarded team metrics, as well as a project proposal regarding

the use and training of various support software used by the MTs. I set up a large training class,

pulling from all 4 of the teams, holding conference
training calls, since it was apparent from metrics obtained from Oracle, that this tool was not being

used optimally by the MTs. Also, the company was in the process of mainstreaming some of the tools,

which meant those MTs folded into Spheris when they absorbed a smaller transcription company, needed to

learn to use Shorthand before their current InstaText was discontinued.

The continuing evolution of the program had begun to expand, and Mentors were being utilized to assist

as the company changed transcription platforms. Those of us with more experience were scheduled to

join conference calls with Supervisors and clients, to iron out account preferences as they were

scheduled for conversion. We would then monitor the dictation crossover from existing platform to new

platform, and then test the functions to assess functionality. As each account came on line, I would

check the team metric spreadsheet and sign the requisite MT up for platform and account training,

complete paperwork for platform download, then set MT access to features and accounts, as well as

assigning passwords.

At each point in the above processes, I would need to enter the personnel database to update employee

profiles and education. Once a month Career Step held an on-line conference call, and we would enter

and answer questions for the impending graduates.

Not only am I proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as Net meeting and Centra, I

was also proficient on the five platforms that were utilized at varying times throughout my 7 years

with Spheris. I had, when I was downsized, worked on more than 40 accounts. My ability to adapt

across platforms and multiple accounts was as instrumental in my promotion, as my supervisory

experience. I have had a great deal of experience dealing with multiple personalities in many

different situations, not only face-to-face, but also in the often challenging atmosphere of the

virtual world and telephone conferencing. As you may know, it is difficult to encapsulate all of the

functions performed on a day-to-day basis within a letter; however I did try to highlight the pertinent


Not only have I had recent supervisory and training experience in transcription, I have also been

manager of a convenience store, merchandising and ordering, as well as loss prevention and management

and profit decisions.

I was also Supervisor of the restaurant, tavern, and room service of a 600+ bed 4-star Sheraton Hotel

and Conference Center and a Radisson Hotel. Both of these positions required supervision of 40-50


I have always been a hands-on manager, preferring where possible to lead through example to set the

standards and pace where I have worked in the past.

While my past employment experience has been varied, the varying supervisory and management skills have

accrued only combine to strengthen my skill set.

Professional Profile
Demonstrated organizational, communication, and project management skills with a diverse skill set in

retail, hospitality, HIM, transcription operations training and supervision. Profit/loss management,

inventory control, staff training, productivity, and retention programs. Creation and execution of

quarterly projects related to training and productivity, as well as assistance in creating and

executing new corporate programs with hiring criteria and development of training programs.

§ Employee relations
§ Employee productivity and efficiency
§ Employee Education
§ Microsoft Word, Works, PowerPoint, Excel, Access
§ Virtual Conferencing/Training: Centra/Netmeeting
§ Workflow management: STAT/TAT § Training maintenance and program creation
§ Team metrics compilation
§ Software conversion, data migration troubleshooting and staff training
§ Employee website maintenance
§ Project creation and implementation
§ 5 to 200 employee supervision
Professional Experience

Spheris, Inc-Franklin, Tennessee, May 2001 to January 2009

Assisted in creation and implementation of Mentor Program.
Assisted in creation and implementation of training and hiring parameters for new Mentors for inception

of Mentor Program.
Creation of system for tracking team metrics ~ monitoring training, error percentages for productivity,

turn around times, etc.
Assisting Operations Supervisor. Responsible for training and monitoring team metrics, mentoring new

hires and experienced employees with respect to productivity and software. Cover operations during

absence of supervisor, monitor TAT and customer issues. Creating and maintaining training programs and

point of contact for employees. Monitor and train employees with respect to software and speech

recognition, as well as point of contact and training of employees throughout company software


Editing, quality review, and monitoring of reports. Creation and completion of weekly and monthly

reports, team metrics, via Excel, PowerPoint, Oracle, and SQL server database with data migration

across multiple systems and software applications (HITS, Clarity, Cornerstone, TWS, SR, MModal,

InstaText, Shorthand, Centra, Netmeeting).

Experience Highlights
Administrative Support
Performed administrative support functions. Coordinated and managed multiple priorities and projects.

Provided discreet support for busy physician practice.
Scheduling, charting, telephone triaging, prescription refills, transcription, coding, and HIM


Managed, set up, and maintained records department in new satellite practice.

Compilation of training manuals.

Management & Supervision
Supervision and management positions in retail and hospitality; busy local store and 600+ bed 4-star


Scheduling staff, inventory management, report functions, training, education seminars, mediated

employee disputes, and customer complaints.

Merchandising standardized ordering, point of sale decisions, inventory loss, and employee theft


Training and Development
Created and implemented projects designed to increase employee efficiency and productivity.

Created and implemented projects to train employees on new platforms and in new software.

Contributed to creation and implementation of standardized programs and methodologies for software

conversion to be implemented in 5000+ employee company.

Traveled to customer locations, assisting on-site with training, troubleshooting third-party software

implementation and quality control issues with on-site staff.

Excel in data analysis, research, and documentation, with emphasis on overhead reduction and employee


University of Oklahoma BALS (Business/Leadership)
Coding and Terminology certification
Quarterly leadership seminars

Vice President of Oklahoma AHDI through 2008: Networking and organization of conferences for MLS

community for information and continuing education credits. Organizing meetings, membership drive

promotion, research of topics and scheduling keynote speakers/lecturers, as well as solicitation of

companies for products and booths at conferences.
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