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Bernadette Quander

Freelance Portrait Artist, Fiction Writer, & More

Location:Nevada, United States
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I recently won the 2014 Pacific Book Review Writer's Awards for Fantasy. I became a VIP 2014 Woman of the Year for the National Association of Professional Women. Sooooo, what does that really mean? I have to really work smarter and persevere no matter what the challenge, to achieve my goals.

Still as an Award Winning Author, I make considerable effort to bring my readers into the world of the characters I have been allowed to create. I am working on "The Toddist"©, Book Two of Sabre de Pleiades from the Ledger of Lemuel.

But alas, I am continuing my journey as an artist and visual art teacher. Returning to the classroom (K thru 12th grade) after a brief separation called retirement, the lure of eager and maybe not so eager young minds made me realize that creativity never, ever, takes a break. The enjoyment I have in molding the creative, critical thinking skills of fresh minds is everlasting.
When I look at the outstanding artists here in, I feel right at home. Awe inspiring and a small critique where needed is what I will cherish. Mmmm, I guess once a teacher always a teacher!
I have some new art in the making and hope to post it soon. Until then my friends, enjoy the art I have as much as I have enjoyed yours!