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2021. . . . . . Cheese and Crackers my fellow Artisans!

It's been 7 years since I even bothered to change my photo, Now I'm 72 years young and I have survived Covid 19 teaching Art I, Printmaking and Design Crafts online without adequate supplies. It took 3 months last November for Blick Art supplies just to get me 200 -8 color pan water color paints because the manufacturers were completely out. But we did make it through the year thanks to my supervising Assistant Principal. She was the best and offered us art teachers as much assistance we needed. We lost a few teachers do to Covid 19 and now the virus's mutant strain the Delta Virus is attacking with full force.

Our schools are going to open, the masks mandate is in force and classes begin very soon!

I'm not predicting the future, but the writing is on the wall. Artists we can no longer afford to lose you. Centuries ago the artisans were responsible for recording historic events through various art mediums: printmaking, oil painting, watercolor paintings and cave wall art. But I call on the artists of the world! Create your journey on canvas, in print, digital form, on cave walls and leave your mark upon this world, for those who come after us will know what has happened because of selfishness, greed, envy, disbelief, mistrust and simply pure evil!

I will leave the rest of this verbiage as a memory of what my desire remains to be within my time space continuum!

I won the 2014 Pacific Book Review Writer's Awards for Fantasy. I became a VIP 2014 Woman of the Year for the National Association of Professional Women. Sooooo, what does that really mean? I have to really work smarter and persevere no matter what the challenge, to achieve my goals.

Still as an Award Winning Author, I make considerable effort to bring my readers into the world of the characters I have been allowed to create. I am working on "The Toddist"©, Book Two of Sabre de Pleiades from the Ledger of Lemuel.

But alas, I am continuing my journey as an artist and visual art teacher. Returning to the classroom (K thru 12th grade) after a brief separation called retirement, the lure of eager and maybe not so eager young minds made me realize that creativity never, ever, takes a break. The enjoyment I have in molding the creative, critical thinking skills of fresh minds is everlasting.
When I look at the outstanding artists here in, I feel right at home. Awe inspiring and a small critique where needed is what I will cherish. Mmmm, I guess once a teacher always a teacher!
I have some new art in the making and hope to post it soon. Until then my friends, enjoy the art I have as much as I have enjoyed yours!