Rob Griffiths

Freelance Book Illustrator & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Warrington, Warrington, United Kingdom
Phone: 07792491222
2 Skills

6 Laurel Bank,

Tel: 07792491222
Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 25th November 1988
I have worked in a wide variety of jobs and managed a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. I am an approachable person and can adapt to any work and social situations. I enjoy meeting new people and socialising and get pleasure from challenges especially within design. I have live away from home for 4 years now, which has helped me gain confidence in life skills and in the work environment. I am a friendly and kind person and am always looking to improve upon the skills I have developed so far.
2008-2011 Sheffield Hallam University- Gained a 1st Class BA Hons Graphic Design (Illustration) Degree. Main Subjects: Advertising, Typography, Motion Graphics, Identity, Print Making and specialising in Illustration.

2000-2007 Lymm High School
A-Levels: Art & Design (B), Product Design (C), Religious Studies (C)
GCSE’s 10 in total. Three grade A (including Graphic Design) five grade B (including English, Maths and German) and 2 C’s


Roughleys Flooring
Intermittent 2004-2011
General labour work from fetching and carrying carpets and vinyl, to preparing a room ready for the carpet to be laid. I had jobs such as ripping up old carpets, screeding and gluing the floor, brushing up, buffering the floor and making sure it is level and prepared for fitting.
Integral Energy Australia 2008
This job involved door to door sales in and around Brisbane. I was working for the Queensland Company, trying to convince people to switch energy providers. The job involved and selling the offer to the customers and then filling in the necessary paperwork after the sale. I had to work out the average energy consumption per month and switch the provider over for them.

Total Petrol station. 2007
I was a general assistant at total which involved dealing with customers requests, taking payments from the customers, doing stock rotation, keeping the forecourt clean, counting up the money and working out the profit at the end of each shift.

Little Manor Restaurant

This job was bar work. I had to serve the customers, operate the tills, replace the stock at the end of every shift, keep the bar area clean, take food orders to go to the kitchen and sorting out bill payments and tabs at the end of the night.

Grappenhall Community Centre
Bar Work- See above.

Home-Start Warrington
Designed some postcards for Disability Awareness Day. The idea was for youngsters to buy a postcard and send a message to someone they love. There was a homemade post box there in which they were transferred to a real one. I designed a series of 5 different postcards.

Designed and illustrated the 2011 Home-Start calendar, which was to be given to each of the Home-Start families, and the rest were for retail. Any profits made were to go back into the charity. The charity gave me 12 sayings based around the family community and I was to illustrate them. My audience was both parents and young children.

I designed a pop up banner for any promotional events the charity might attend. This had to be corporate and advertise the charity and its objectives
I have studied in various areas of design (mainly graphic design) for 6 years now and over this time I have become much more confident in my own design capabilities and my personal style. I have a very good understanding of Adobe Photoshop and have worked with InDesign and Illustrator. I also feel that I naturally pick up skills from new software and have a good understanding on how the programmes work. I have a quick and energetic illustration style that has been describes as very personal. This means I can get through briefs at a fairly quick pace with it still being high quality.
Team Player
From a young are I have enjoyed sport and especially team games. I played football from a young age and then switched to rugby at the age of eleven. I continued to play rugby to a fairly high standard and captained my local team for 2 years. I have always thrived of the company and input of others and have worked successfully on numerous university group projects.
Reliable and Punctual
At both school and university I have always handed in assignments and work on time, I feel I work well with deadlines and have excellent time management skill when working on a project. I am reliable on working to a deadline and will have the work to a high standard within this time. Throughout my academic life I have become to see the importance of deadlines and meeting them and being trustworthy.

Friendly and Approachable
I have always been considered as a friendly and happy person who is always smiling and seeing the good in everything in both personal life and in employment. Since leaving school and travelling I have craved meeting new people with new and different views. I find it very interesting befriending people from different cultures or who have had a dissimilar upbringing.

Since a young age I have always been interested in drawing and have done so all my life, paying a particular interest in art at school. Since high school I have been constantly drawing since from little doodles to final pieces, constantly trying to develop my style further. Other than drawing, music has always been an interest and an influence on my life. I began learning the guitar at the age of 7 and have never looked back. I played in a band for four year writing and recording songs and also played numerous gigs throughout the northwest and midlands. I also like listening to music. I appreciate good lyricists and how they portray their ideas and thoughts through the medium of music. Sport is another big interest of mine. I started playing from a very young age and captained my rugby local rugby team for 2 years. I also had trials for my local county when I was in my teens. I also love watching sport and had a season ticket for about 10 year at Warrington Wolves rugby league team. Since travelling through Australia and Thailand I have developed a thirst for culture and to meet people from all different paths of life. Travelling has played a massive part of my life and I now want to see more and experience the diverse societies and environments.

Exhibitions and Awards

Creative Spark - Sheffield Hallam 2011 Degree Show
D&AD New Blood 2011- Brick Lane London
Tom’s Chophouse Manchester – Unleashed Exhibition- Best in the North Illustration Exhibition
Won ‘Highly Recommended’ award in Unleashed Best in the North Exhibition
Art Crawl Exhibition- Macbeth- London 2011