Lindsay May

Freelance Ad Designer & DVD Designer

Location:Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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My name is Lindsay. I am the mother of two boys ages five and seven. Now that my children are both in school full time I thought I would take this opportunity to follow my dreams of being a writer. Writing has always been a very important part of my life, and I have always been an honour student in English. I pride myself on being a very creative individual. From writing daily in a journal to writing essays and designing ads, I work hard and put a lot of effort into everything I do.

I was fortunate enough to have my first published piece at the early age of 16. It all started when a teenage boy that attended my high school was killed in a car accident. I wrote a poem that depicted my feelings on the situation. The poem was a huge success and it was requested to be published into a compilation poetry book. Ever since I had that first taste of writing success, I have been inspired and hungry for more.

A couple years ago, I worked for a small town newspaper called The Country Press. During my time at that job, I gained knowledge and experience in ad design. I used my creative skills to develop ads that varied in size, from business card to full page features. I had the pleasure of working with a diverse variety of businesses. This experience was exciting because I got to expand my horizons and diversify my portfolio.

More recently, I discovered that my Grandpa had written a safety manual for a very reputable oil company. This was a big part of his success and he put a lot of passion into his work. I am motivated to carry on his legacy and explore my skills as a writer. I too am very passionate about writing and am anxious to make it my life’s work.

I am easily inspired and I think outside of the box. I am not limited to, but am very skilled at creative writing and design. I have the ability to adapt and cater to your project. I work well under pressure and will work hard to produce your quality piece in a timely fashion, so as to meet your deadline.

In memory and honour of my Grandpa, I would like to put my skills and passion to work for you!
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