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Freelance Ad Designer & Nature Photographer

Location:Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Phone: 0403040329
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Photography and design are true passions of mine. I make postcards, books, canvases, albums and cards through different types of photography. My favourite type would have to be landscape especially with my local city Perth as backdrop, but I also love natural portraits and sports.

For me photography is something that helps me to relax, it can be an escape from the world. I perceive the world as moving so fast, the ever-changing technology, cars, people and it is all so overwhelming that I forget what I am taking in is ‘real’. A photograph to me is different, it is still, it is peaceful and it can mean many things to many people.

I enjoy documenting ‘place’ because they can represent something unique to numerous people. For example, if you ask most Australian people one place they love is the beach. It is a place of relaxation, sport, surf life saving, romance and much more. We all take a meaning from a ‘place’ and that’s why I find it so interesting listening to other people’s perceptions of my photographs; if it means something to them, what it means and why it means that.

I find it so strange the way an old photograph (perhaps ‘bad quality’ in some people’s eyes) can mean the world to someone. I look back at old photographs as myself as a child, with my friends, family and they are special to me. To others perhaps they mean nothing.

A photograph can speak a million words and it can be interpreted in a million ways. I believe an image (or a set of images) can explain a place better than written language. Or if you place an image alongside words it brings the words to life and together it makes a great deal of sense.

I am drawn to water, the beach, the river, lakes and estuary’s which is reflected in my many water themed shots. I have grown up by these places and have found a sense of calmness and peace when I am by water.
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