Derek Strickland

Freelance Article Writer & Creative Writer

Location:Orange Park, Florida, United States
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I'm an aspiring games journalist who's focused and committed to bringing quality articles on a variety of gaming websites including, Game,, and my own personal website, The XBL Indieverse.

February 2011--Present

GAMINGtruth, - Indie Games Editor

Vintage Video Games TV, - Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Game Interface, - Editor

The XBL Indieverse, - Owner, Operator

I'm interested in utilizing my abilities and skills to provide quality written works--whether it's articles, reviews, or even news pieces, I'm confident that my passion for writing can bring favorable results.

My hours are very flexible and so is my written content, and I can work with any number of topics from gaming and technology to regular news pieces focused on breaking articles. I am highly experienced in WordPress websites and can quickly learn and adapt to a new interface.

I'm also proficient in creative writing and fiction writing as well, and I have a passion for fiction that has led me to pursue a career in the field. I read more than I write, and I'm constantly infused in the literary world--as well as the ever-growing virtual cyberworld that provides limitless information at our fingertips.

If you are interested in my work please contact me, and I am also proficient in social networking
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