Luis Becerra

Freelance Animator & Drawer

Location:Dayton, Nevada, United States
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Luis Becerra

Education: Carson High Graduate w/ CTE Diploma with Honors
Bridge to Success

? Product of a divorced family, so I basically raised myself and brothers, resulting in gaining traits such as leadership, responsibility, time management, a strong moral center, and intense determination.
? Volunteer/Torch Club member at Boys and Girls club of Western Nevada. I served the kids breakfast and lunch during the summer, ran the snack bar in the afternoon, assisted running club-wide activities involving educating the kids about computer safety, assisted running the Homework Room program, assisted running certain off-site events such as Easter-Egg hunts for the city, and a barbeque for a celebration in Lake Tahoe.
? Speech and Debate member. I was in the school Speech and Debate team for two years. Specialized in Duo Interpretation (interpreting any published piece of literature with a partner in either a serious, dramatic, humorous, or satirical way), Humorous Interpretation (interpreting and published piece of literature by yourself in a humorous or satirical way), Expository (explaining a concept, idea, or basic theme to the audience through the use of props), and Lincoln-Douglas Debate (debate format where one person debates one opponent over a resolved topic. This debate mainly focuses on the philosophical or moral points, instead of the literal.) Was elected to Librarian of the Team (maintained the team website, all performed pieces and debated cases, along with evidence). Rose to second highest team member, below our team captain.
? Senior Project. For the school Senior Project, I wrote a seven paged paper on the effects that Anime had on the Entertainment Industry. The paper focused on the effects that Anime had on the way we as Americans view television, how we view films, and how he view ourselves. The last part of the paper talked about the effects of Anime could be seen in the way the new generation was acting, how they dressed, and spoke. For the project, my mentor was a man named Mike Malley; he is the arts instructor at Carson High School. He also used to work for Disney; he worked on two different films: Hercules and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I created three different storylines that where later illustrated into short comic books with a mange style orientation. Later on one of those stories was animated into a minute and a half long opening to an actual show, using a song that directly correlates with the story in the background. This senior project increased my skills as an artist, expanded my knowledge on an art form that is growing and loved throughout the world, and gave me a chance to expand my knowledge onto others.
Work Experience:
? School Jobs: In middle school I worked as a cafeteria assistant. Every day we would arrive, eat lunch as quickly as possible, then go into the back and clean dishes or help serve food, man the snack bar, whatever needed to be done, then whence it started getting later in the lunch period, we would either prepare the snack bar for the next lunch hour, or go into the cafeteria and clean the tables and broom the floors.
? Summer Jobs:
? Worked on my father’s friend’s turkey farm. While we were there I was taught how to drive and maneuver a tractor, we prepared the feed and water for the turkeys, moved the grown turkeys out of the house and into the moving trucks so they may become processed at a plant, cleaned up the house (about a quarter mile long by 30 feet wide) after the turkeys where moved, prepared new house for the new batch of chick-turkeys, and overall maintenance on the farm.
? Helped out my brothers Godfather in his restaurant in San Francisco. I worked as a bus boy, after the patrons left; the waiter would collect the tip as I would come to the table, collect all the dishes and deliver them to the kitchen for cleaning. I was also able to deliver the drinks to tables (mostly Coke and Iced Tea).
? Assisted and went in part with my father into a catering business. It was only for two summers. We catered mine and my fathers specialty, tacos. We did this for three major parties for a family member and two of his friends. All three parties had around 150+ people. For the catering we bought the specialty meats (beef and chicken) spent the entire day before the party preparing the food, cooking the meat in our secret form, cutting and dicing all the vegetables and salsa, at the end of the night (around two or three in the morning) the meat would have finished cooking and we would chop it up into pieces so we could serve it the next day. During the parties I prepared all the tables, then we set up the burners and a grill so I could prepare the chicken tacos and tortillas. I would also help my father with preparing the beef tacos, heating up the different kinds of meat and different style of tortillas. The parties spanned from five in the morning till around ten or eleven at night, where we would clean up the food, and pack everything back up.
Certificates and Awards:
? Carson High School CTE Diploma
? Carson High School Advanced Diploma with Honors
? NFL member certificate
? San-Kyu rank in Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu
? Adobe Associates Certification in Flash CS4
? 1st place in the NDOT Space poster design contest
? National Honors Society hopeful
? Rotoball participation
? 1st place in Carson Middle School’s (8th grade) art fair
Hobbies and Skills:
? Excellent artist
? Frame by Frame animator
? Lightwave 3-D animator and modeler
? Musician
? Cook
? Multi-lingual
? Writer (stories and poems)
? I love psychology, and things that explain why people do things that they do.
? I love playing card games, or any game that involves strategy and higher brain functions.
? Anime and Manga nerd
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