Ali Assaad

Freelance Radio Producer & Music Producer

Location:Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
2 Skills
Ali Assaad
364 Dr J Cousineau| Gatineau, Qc J8R 1C3| (819)-893-0625

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Ability to build, maintain and repair computers.
• Fluent in French and English.

Summary of Skills:

• Ability to meet established deadlines with occasional fluctuations
• Ability to handle multiple tasks
• Good organizational skills
• Ability to type a minimum of 60 words per min
• Great with programs such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and similiar programs
• Very quick learner
• Experience with public services
• Classifying documents knowledge
• Ability to record, mix and edit materials via digital audio work station
• Remarkable ability to evaluate the quality of recorded materials
• Detailed knowledge to operate and maintain a variety of audio production equipment

Education and Certification:
•Diploma as a Sound Technicien

Work Experience:

-Currently working for ‘’LE BIFCOTECK INC’’ as a Security Guard
Reference: Daniel Paquette Number on demende
-Emploi Québec 2008-2010 ''Jeunes Volontaires'' in a Music Project.
Reference: Carole Sallafranque (819) 568-6500 ext 225.
-2008 Costco as a clerk
-2006 Giant Tiger as a clerk
-2005 Relais des jeunes gatinois in the maintenance
Reference : Nicole Roy (819) 663-8337

-Audio Technician for various bands including myself at Raven Studios 2009-2010.

-Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered more than 9 Mix tapes/Albums.

-Been recording for almost 9years in my own home recording studio.

-Built 3 studios which include a Control Room and a Booth all acoustically treated.

• Assessed the acoustics of the performance area and assembled and operated the necessary equipment.
• Consulted with producers and performers to determine the sound requirements.
• Assigned to select, adjust and operate amplification and recording equipment.
• Recorded sound into digital audio tape or hard disk recorders.
• Supervised audio signals and identified sound-quality variations and failures.
• Detected and corrected difficult audio problems.
• Maintained and repaired audio device.
• Synchronized artistic integration with pre-recorded audio dialogue, sound effects and music and visual content.
• Re-recorded and synchronized audio.
• Mixed and balanced speech, effects and music.
• Created and altered sound effects for use in films and television.

• Nominated in the top 3 ''Best Indie Canadian Music'' at the New Music Fest Awards.

Software knowledge:
•Cubase 3 SE, SX, 4, 5
•Protools 9, HD
•Logic Pro, Pro 9
•Fruity loop Studio, 9
•Reason 4, 5
Office administrative software’s
•Microsoft Office 2000(Word, Excel, ...)

Available upon request.