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Ximei Eidahl

Freelance Travel Planner & Chinese Translator

Location:Hastings, Minnesota, United States
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Mei Eidahl


Provide education to those wishing to learn or advance in their ability to communicate using the Mandarin or Cantonese Language.

Translator for Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

Teaching Chinese History and Culture.

Give assistance in developing or doing business in China.

• Mandarin Language Teacher -- 2008 to 2011:

I served as the International Baccalaureate Mandarin Chinese Teacher for the Fridley Minnesota Public Middle and High Schools. I conducted classes for students in 6th through 12th grade with four to five classes per day.

I received high scores in my teaching evaluations in the middle and high school. Formal observations and scoring of my teaching ability usually resulted in scores of 2 or more on a scale of 0-3, with 3 being the highest available score.

During the year I have became involved with network of other IB Mandarin teachers. This has provided me with additional resources to more effectively teach Mandarin Language.

My methods keep students involved with the use of games, music, videos, flashcards, competitions, and other technology resources such as the internet. The student’s favorite is when I show them how to cook Chinese food, sing Chinese songs, and play traditional Chinese musical instruments.

• Minghua Chinese Academy -- 2008

Mandarin Teacher for 4 -8 year old children during summer education camp.

• Self Employed Translator and Mandarin Instructor -- 2006 to 2007:

Provide privet tutoring, interpreting, and translation services to both Mandarin and English speaking people.

• Self Employed Owner / Operator of English Training Center --2000 to 2006 :

Co-Owner and Headmaster of Liuzhou Successful English Training Center in Liuzhou China. This English training center was started in July 2000 with 50 students. My key responsibilities included being in charge of training teachers, Quality of educational program and adult classes. Students at this training center ranged in age from 7 years old to adult. This facility’s number of students quickly grew to over 200 students each term.

I was recognized as a very popular teacher. Student comments of my classes included such descriptions as: class is full of passion, humorous, and easy for them to understand.

I provide English training to managers and executives at several large Liuzhou companies such as:

o SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd, cooperated by three partners: Shanghai Automobile Industry (Group) Company, General Motors and Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. This company was established on Nov.18th, 2002.

o Guangxi Liuzhou steel and iron group. With up to 6 million metric tons of capacity they Produce Iron plate and various shapes.

• Middle School English Teacher -- 1993 to 2000 :

Middle School English Teacher at Guangxi Geological Mining Department. Earned Qualification Certificate of Junior Level of Specialty and Technology. Taught students 12 - 15 years of age. Lessons consisted of using English language text books, music, games, and stories.


• February 2009, IB Diploma Program Training in New York City, USA.

• September 1990 to July 1993 : Graduated from Liuzhou Teacher College, China. Majored in Teaching English Language.

• September 1987 to July 1990 : Graduated Laibin High School, China.