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Nicolas Mandiola

Freelance Animator & Audio Editor

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
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I'm self taught and very dedicated. I've always loved to animate and draw. When I do a project, whether for fun or as a job, I take it as a challenge and push myself to make it as professional and amazing as possible.

I use Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere to create my work. I also have access to musicians and voice actors to help enhance your project. Most work for free or low-pay.

Florida Metropolitan University, Melbourne, FL. Associate in Science - FILM.
Graduated October 2007. Dean's list and Honors.

Currently enrolled at Valencia Community College-Orlando Florida to
pursuit my Fine Arts Bachelor degree in Animation.

Animated Short - "Godians" August 2013 - October 2013
1. Hired and lead the animation team to develop promotional short.
2. Created storyboard and wrote script from Client's description.
3. Worked with diverse group of artists and voice actors from
all over the world.
4. Successfully garnered increased web volume and hits, receiving accolades for the quality
of diction, animation and plotting.
5. Lead the editing team for successful integration of all composting elements (voice, affects,
principle animation, key sound, etc).

Animated Series - "Shabane" May 2009 - 2010
1. Created web-based animated series "In-Game".
2. Developed concept, plots, and script.
3. Directed voice and animation talent.
4. Lead the animation team to successful multi-episodic serial adventure.

Video Reels:
Static Shock (Work in Progress):
Kakashi vs Sasuke:
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Audio Editing